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Entwickler: Live for Speed
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Nach erscheinen des S2 Progress Reports führte headnut vom Coca Racing Team ein Interview mit Victor van Vlaardingen.

It’s always the same: a new S2 Progress Report is out and the community starts to discuss new features, new cars and tracks. Bizarre speculations arise from the fact that nobody really knows what’s going on. That’s why I decided to shed some light by interviewing one of the makers of "Live For Speed”, Victor van Vlaardingen.

Coca: Since the latest S2 progress report we all know what Scawen and Eric are doing. What exactly are you working on at the moment?
Vic: I'm back to (trying) to do some new music again and generally taking it easy a bit. My time'll come again before S2 and right after S2.

Coca: So your work on the sound engine is done for now ?
Vic: No, that's still to come. Scawen mentioned he changed something, but it's only one basic thing and we've planned more changes to the engine sounds, or well, car-sounds. It’s not just the engine which makes noise.

Coca: Do you guys plan to improve the force feedback?
Vic: Should it be?

Coca: Well, if you look at the GTR-Demo, it’s force feedback is a bit more complex…
Vic: Is it? Well, yes, I've tried the demo too and FF does feel different, but different doesn't mean it’s right. And how it should feel, I can only say: how it feels like in a real 'normal road car'.

Coca: Ok, I guess that's enough about FF Are the any new features for the LFS World website planned? Maybe using InSim or any other new scripts?
Vic: At the moment no extra features - I know there's something on the shelves still, like the ladder competition and such, but I'm a bit cautious at the moment not to overload the server, because it'll have a tougher job already, processing all data when S2 is out. So I'm gonna look and see how it will handle. If it's got enough spare CPU, I can add extra features again.

Coca: Tell me: Do you guys have fun teasing and grilling the community by hiding new cars on screenshots?
Vic: Um, you could say we read the threads, yes

Coca: So, what are you allowed to tell me about the new Mini look-a-like, the latest "easter-egg"?
Vic: Well, it is the latest addition and it is small. But what it's gonna be, you'll see in the next round of screenies/progress report.

Coca: But we can also expect a race version of it, can’t we?
Vic: I don't know

Coca: The community seems to be a bit disappointed to see that the formula car can only go 140Mph. Will there be a really fast car in S2?
Vic: There's probably not going to be cars in S2 in the super-car class, so, no 300Km/h+. If you consider that to be real fast, you won't find it in S2

Coca: But some will be faster then in S1?
Vic: Yeah!

Coca: I remember a black formula car on some of the older screenshots. It looked quite different then the formula car you presented now. What happened to this one?
Vic: It's still there, but it belongs in the super car class

Coca: Having so much work to do, is there still enough time for family and friends?
Vic: Sure. It's not like we're working 16 hours and sleeping 8 hours 7 days a week

Coca: Seems like it honestly.
Vic: Well, sometimes.

Coca: When was the last time you were racing LFS online yourself?
Vic: Um, two days ago.

Coca: Are you one of the really fast drivers?
Vic: Not really - I'm average I guess. Depends on how much practise too, which could be more I guess.

Coca: How did "Live For Speed” change your and your colleges’ lifes ? Did you move into a big, flashy office yet?
Vic: No office and there's probably never gonna be one either. It changed my life in the aspect that I could quit my previous job, that's basically it.

Coca: Did you ever regret having done it without a publisher ?
Vic: Nope - we can manage without one and the freedom aspect is a rewarding one.

Coca: We spoke about the GTR-demo earlier already. So, you have tested the demo. What do you think? Are you nervous about this program?
Vic: Not really - why should we be? I guess the answer would then be: 'you'd lose sales', but in sim racing that's not so much of a problem I think. Most sim-racers just play all of the games. And I also think GTR and LFS are covering two different areas: you won't see LFS cars in GTR.

Coca: Actually now I’ve run out of questions because I didn’t expect you to be able to spare so much time for the interview. Is there anything you want to tell the German LFS community?
Vic: They're great - never knew there would be so much attention coming from Germany, but in fact we sold more licenses in Germany than in any other country (including countries as big as US)

Coca: Wow, that's actually unbelievable!
Vic: It's true

Coca: Victor, thank you very, very much for taking the time out to do this interview. Cya!!
Vic: No Problem. Cheers!



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