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Entwickler: Funcom
Publisher: Koch Media
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You inquired, the developers answered! This time we talk about Anarchy Online Shadowlands, an extension, which will be released on 8th of september. In our current 4P-readers interview, Gaute Godager (Game Director) is answering all of those questions burning on your role-playing soul partly in detail - enjoy the reading!

4P-Reader: Will there be more servers with the start of AO Shadowlands?

Gaute Godager: No, but there will be many more zones for the players to travel and adventure through.

4P-Reader: With the introduction of Shadowlands will there be a new chatsystem or an improved friendlist? If so, can you explain some of the improvements?

Gaute Godager: There are many new improvements to the GUI in Shadowlands. In fact, it is a complete GUI makeover. We have decided to split these improvements in two. The main bulk (new control center, faction gui, perk gui etc) will come with the Shadowlands expansion pack. (Even for those not buying the expansion.) The rest will come with a GUI patch this autumn.

4P-Reader: Will there be additional characters, professions and skills in Shadowlands? (More beautiful women;-) )

Gaute Godager: There are 2 new professions in Shadowlands. They are called the Keeper and the Shade. They are opposite. In focus. The Shade is a profession bent on draining his opponents of their power and health, while he stabs them in the back. A dark, twisted rogue, if you like. The Keeper is a shining, heroic character, thriving in a team, sharing his powers with his friends an wielding 2 handed edged weapons. They are like the images of the Shadowlands history, one dark and one light path.

__NEWCOL__There are several hundred new perks, giving you powers of everything from skill and health improvements to advanced special attacks and teleportation powers. Every 10 levels up to 200, and every 1 level after that, you get an additional perk.

There are actually even more beautiful women in SL. Every breed (race) in AO have received a host of new heads to chose from. There are some edgy looking men and women along with the beautiful. I guess you can pick what you fancy ;p

4P-Reader: About movement: Since you neither can use Yalms in Shadowlands nor is there a grid, will there be some movement choice like Wompaas? Will warps be still functioning in Shadowlands?

Gaute Godager: There are several new methods of travel in the Shadowlands. The main method is through the "Gardens”. Each playfield has 1 to 2 gardens (depending). By accessing statues of your factions statue with a key you get through a mission / quest, you are teleported to the garden in the appropriate playfield. If you use the "Key to the Garden of Aban”, you go to the first Redeemed garden in Nascence. (One of our playfields. The Redeemed is one of the factions in SL.)

There are also possible to travel through an underground set of tunnels we call "the mazes”. They connect all the playfields, but that is very dangerous, and I don`t recommend it.

In addition, you get several methods of being summoned / teleported back to your group through nanos.


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