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Entwickler: Boolat
Publisher: Noviy Disk
Q1 2004
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What is Lagsters? How did the idea come about, and what kind of physic- and graphic engine is used? Read and learn more about a nice upcoming arcarde racer from the Ukraine.

4Players: How did the idea for "Lagsters" come about? Is it inspired by Rollcage?

Boolat: We had no inspiration from other games. To be honest, Lagsters was a childhood idea of our lead artist, as he imagined races with toy cars somewhere in slums and sewers. And when we started development, we only had his concept. There were no more toy cars though, since we all became older and our ideas became perfect. We realised some new aspects that we wanted to see in our game, such as special gravitation, layout of tracks, the places where all the races will take part. And now, when we are always asked about the other games we make some comparison and we can say that Lagsters is a quite innovative game among in arcade racing.

4P: What are your goals in designing the driving system? What are the main features? Will it be more in the spirit of arcade-racing or more realistic?

Boolat: You know, we spent a lot of time to create something between a realistic and an arcade driving system. Our vehicles use so much physical parameters, that we could have made a real good simulator racing game – all those frictions and accelerations, influences caused by different driving axles, weight and shape are calculated like in reality; the physical model of the car is rather close to the picture you get on the screen. In the beginning, you even try to drive following the rules of other games, but when you understand one particular thing -the special gravitation- you understand the main feature if the game. The gravitation is based on the principle of the centrifuge, in other words, all objects are being attracted to the whole inner surface of the tunnel. After some time spent in Lagsters you understand what new freedom it gives you and what unusual steep turns you can perform here.


4P: Is there a storyline in the game, especially in the singleplayer mode? And how does the singleplayer mode work in detail?

Boolat: There are two types of single player modes – quick race and championship. In quick race there are no stories told or performed. And although in championship you do not get very strong storyline either, there is some information about the world of Lagsters that you get piece after piece with each track. In brief, you are in the far future, inside of some almost abandoned structures, each one with its history that describes things happened with the world before. 
The game process of singleplayer offers two different types of the game – you can make a career in championship, or fight for your own pleasure in short races with AI opponents. Championship is divided in four parts, with 8 tracks in each one – you get 32 tracks in total. It gives you the opportunity to buy and sell cars and parts, to upgrade them and to get exclusive weapons and engines after execution of some special tasks. Finally, it gives you the opportunity to build the car the way you like it. There are no boundaries for your imagination, the higher you rise in the championship, the more unlocked parts you get.

4P: About the upgrade system for the vehicles in "Lagsters"? Is it similar to the system used in Need for Speed: Underground? Can you buy upgrades after each level?

Boolat: No, the upgrade system in Lagsters is quite different compared to NFS: Underground. You can reach different upgrade levels of parts of the same type. For example the upgrade level of booster for one car can be 3 and for the other – 8. At the same time, you can buy upgrades just if you have enough money.


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