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Entwickler: In Utero
Publisher: Ubi Soft
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kein Termin
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Neues von den Evil Twin. Ubi Soft war so nett, uns dieses Interview mit den Machern des überaus vielversprechenden Games zur Verfügung zu stellen. Schaut es Euch also an und verbessert gleich Eure Englischkenntnisse *eg*..

Evil Twin Questions

Tell us about your company, In Utero. Who are you guys and where did you come from?

In Utero is the Video Game department within the Mater Machina company. It is made of 30 experienced people, capable of developing on PC, Sega Dreamcast and Sony PSX & PS2. Founded in 1994, Mater Machina is a multi-format artistic production company, composed of several brands: "In Utero Game D-Vision” for Video Game, "In Utero Design D-Vision” for paper publishing, web design and 3D animated films and "In Utero Noise D-Vision” for musical publishing. The originality of the company is that it is neither intended to become a game publisher, nor an exclusive video game developer. Our aim is to provide entertaining content for any formats, be it console, PC, cinema, TV, animation, comic books, web sites or advertising. The company has also created a music department to be shared by the other departments. Of course, the core department of the company is and will remain the development of top quality video games!! The founders remain gamers at heart !
In Utero has previously participated to the development of Starshot, V Rallye, Virus, Time Machine, Odyssey and Superman. Evil Twin is our first game entirely developed internally...

23 persons worked on the project Evil Twin: 5 Game Designers, 5 2D artists, 4 3D artsits, 3 animators & 6 programmers.

How did you come up with the name, In Utero?

In latin, In Utero is a synonym of "creation process”. This stresses out the fact that our strengths are into creating content and building original universes.

Your first game is for PC and Dreamcast. But have you played all of the systems up from 8-bit? Are you gamers?

Here is a news : we have just received Sony´s approval for the concept, so the game will be released on PS2 as well, hopefully in Q1 2000 !

And yes !! We are fanatic gamers !! We started on Atari 2600 and have played on probably all released consoles… But any game lover could say the same thing.


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