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Publisher: Ubisoft
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What could be seen from the sequel to one of the best selling games for Sony's handheld leaves a lot of open questions and so we turned to the people responsible: Producer Rob Hill unveils details of the plot and explains the new fighting system in the following interview. You'll find a german version of the interview here.

4Players: First of all, please tell us about yourself. What is your position within the development team and what did you work on before?

Rob Hill: Rob Hill, Producer. Most recently, I was the producer of Untold Legends Brotherhood of the Blade and before that Champions of Norrath.

4Players: Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade has been a successful title for Sony. How did players react to the game, and what where your own concerns with it?

Rob Hill: Players responded very well to BoB as it was the beginning of this franchise and is the number three highest selling PSP game to date. They had several things they liked about the game and some things they didn’t like as much. We listened to what they were asking for during the entire development of The Warrior’s Code. Most of the concerns

The hero is battling it out with one of the bosses.
were on the technical side. We didn’t get actual hardware for Brotherhood of the Blade until late in development. Most of the assumptions we made turned out to be accurate though.

4Players: Without randomly generated dungeons, how do we get as much replay value as was found in Brotherhood? Can we expect different endings, varying storylines or the like?

Rob Hill: The storyline is fully integrated into the game play for The Warrior’s Code. It doesn’t branch or change with each play through. What this instead allowed us to do was make much more interesting quests then in the previous game.

The reason we went away from random dungeons is that we wanted to make then environments more detailed and interesting. It also allowed us to balance population with much more accuracy. We were able to group up various NPC’s to create much more strategic combat situations.

4Players: Apart from the evil oppressor who is looking for shape shifters not much is know about the story. Can you reveal the plot in more detail?

Rob Hill: Untold Legends: The Warrior’s Code takes place in a different part of the same world that was introduced in Brotherhood of the Blade.  As we wanted to focus on new realms, characters, and events, we decided to move to a different part of the world entirely.  While the stories aren’t necessarily linked, there are some ties that, while subtle, should stand out to those played through Brotherhood of Blade.

The Warrior’s Code begins eighteen years after the hostile takeover of Koryn Thal, the capital city of once prosperous and peaceful empire.  In the passing years since the Warlord’s invasion, the realm has become

In The Warrior's Code you have a lot of spells at your disposal.
a bleak shadow of itself; peace replaced with constant war and prosperity demolished by oppression and fear.  The players assume the role of changelings (a new race that was specifically developed for this story arc), who are being persecuted by the tyrant Warlord to near extinction.  Forced to flee Koryn Thal, the players find themselves wandering a dangerous, war-torn landscape.

As they progress through the world, the players happen upon the last groups of free peoples in the realm including a very secret and ancient order of monks and a group of resistance fighters who have fought against the Warlord since the invasion of their lands.  Determined to bring peace and end the suffering of their people and their human cousins, the players take upon themselves the dangerous task of venturing into the Underworld (a very mysterious and deadly nether world) to weaken the Warlord’s seeming god-like power.   



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