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Unreal Tournament meets Team Fortress
In diesem MOD wird das bekannte Spiel-Prinzip von Team Fortress auf die UT-Plattform konvertiert.

Awards implemented for bots
Persistant Meddler award implemented (sabotage)
Good Samaritan award implemented (Health boosts)
Scream Trilogy award implemented (backstabs)
Crewcut award implemented (headshot)
Guard Dog award implemented (kills in sight of own flag)
Medical Supremacy award implemented (healing team mates)
In order for a sentry to detect a disguised sabo, the sentry must be upgraded and the sabo must be in sight of the armourers motion sensor.
Default prematch time for public games increased from 10 to 20 seconds (allows more time for people to join at map change)
Removed prematch countdown beep
Saboteur undisguises correctly at respawn
Saboteur info correctly displayed in HUD
**** Players given ability to climb ladders
Armour giving at respawn fixed
End of killing spree by sentry message fix (not tested)
Caltrops no longer hurt team mates

Bots allowed to start game if no human players present
Bot Saboteurs don`t fire at sentries if disguised
Bot Saboteurs throw emp grenades at enemy sentries
Bot grenade throwing improved
Bot Demolitionists` now build mortars and toss radios
Bot Arsonist`s only use flamethrower if enemy is within range
Bot Armourer`s need for metal increased (causes them to go get some basically)
Bots now perform conc jumps
Bots now build dispensers
Bots now drop claymores

Medic`s knife removed
**** Armourer given shotgun
Rangers can now disable detpacks
Saboteur now able to feign death
Medic`s now take 50% damage from bio gas
Medic`s concs reduced to 2
Armourer can now only rotate his own sentry and has to be next to it


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