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Patch 1.05 (engl.)
Info laut der offiziellen Sea Dogs WebSite:
Installing this patch will reset your display, sound and music options to the install default. This is necessary to resolve certain video and sound issues. To reset your system settings to you preference, the patch includes a configuration utility (Config.exe) and run from the Program menu or can be run from the folder where you installed Sea Dogs. This file allows you to make changes to what video card and resolution will be used, what graphic features will be turned on/off, and sound and FX settings before loading the game. Run Config.exe before you run Sea Dogs in order to reset your hardware settings. Using this utility will help you bypass any problems you may encounter with screen resolution, multiple video cards, or sound cards.

  • Fixed several bugs in resource managment system

  • Fixed bug with Maurikio Camentata´s dialogue

  • Fixed problem with Letters of Marque and nations



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