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No One Lives Forever Update auf Version 1.003

  • Fixed a multiplayer exploit that allowed player created add-ons with modified weapon.txt files to be used on normal, non-modified servers. Players using these add-ons will now receive an error message when trying to join a normal server or a server that´s running a different add-on.

  • NOTE: This message will also appear if a player with an unmodified version of the game tries to join a modified server. Server operators who wish to use these mods should note the name of the add-on within the server name field.

  • Fixed a multiplayer bug that sometimes caused players crouching near the terrain to randomly teleport through the map and pick up any weapons or powerups that they came across.

  • Fixed a multiplayer bug that allowed players to activate vehicles while using the zipcord and then fly around the map.

  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to fly up into the air when entering a cloud of sleeping gas from below.

  • Fixed a bug in the multiplayer host menu that caused only 3 of the available bandwidth options to be shown when scrolling through with the right-arrow key.

  • Removed Stun/Sleep Recoils.

  • Fixed a bug in the standalone server wizard that caused certain options to be reset when any slider bar on the same page was moved.

  • Fixed floating ammo boxes and armor powerups in saved games.

  • Achtung: Spielstände der Version 1.000 sind nicht kompatibel und können somit nicht mehr benutzt werden!



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