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Dieser offizielle Eidos-Patch vom 26.12. enhält auch Patch 1 und ist mit der deutschen Version kompatibel ( linkt momentan noch auf Patch 1).


Verbesserungen sind wie folgt:
Fix List (v.1.01 inclusive)

  • In open courtyard in the Sarafan stronghold, at the door that leads back to the time streaming chamber, if Raziel stands to the left of the door, opens it and enters the hallway, the unit falls out.

  • In the second Age, if the player dies in the spectral realm in pillars area (after talking to the ghost of Ariel) they will be sent back to the last marker. When the player returns to the fallen obelisk leading back to the pillars area the surface of the obelisk has become slippery and player will not be able to pass. If the player moves far enough away from this area, the surface will be reset and the player will be able to pass.

  • It’s possible to become trapped behind the locked gate that is in front of the tomb of William the Just located in the Sarafan Stronghold. If you happen to pass through this closed gate, DO NOT shift to the Spectral Realm. Just simply remain in the Material Realm, move to the backside of the center of the gate, and press the Action button. This will put you on the correct side of the gate. If you do happen to shift to the Spectral Realm while on the wrong side of the gate, then you will need to revert back to your last save.

  • At the load save game screen, if the user moves between the saved games rapidly and consistently, the save game portraits will become switched. If the user then loads a save game, all game textures will be incorrect. Note: Occasionally, if the user attempts to quit the game, the computer will lock up or crash.

  • Various other problems.

  • Fix List (v. 1.02)

  • The user can now configure all directional buttons.

  • The user can now map keyboard buttons to pan the camera left or right.

  • An option was added to disable camera control using the gamepad. This allows the user to fix problems with certain gamepads where the camera was constantly spinning around.

  • Camera control using the gamepad had problems where sometimes the camera would rotate really slow, and sometimes really fast. This is fixed now.

  • An option was added to not play the opening FMA. This can possibly help users which get corrupted graphics (due to driver issues) after the movie has been played.

  • Pressing ALT-TAB during either the opening FMA or the credits FMA sometimes crashed the game. This was fixed.

  • A much higher perceived framerate can be expected on certain highend machines. An issue was fixed which could make the framerate appear very low, while in reality it was extremely high.

  • Upgraded to the latest version of SafeDisc. It should offer improved stability.

  • The patch can be applied to both a fresh installed 1.0 game or to a game already patched to be version 1.01. This means it also includes all the 1.01 fixes including the not before mentioned:

  • Fix for ATI Radeon 8500. Almost the entire screen used to be a single color.

  • Fix for GeForce3. Improved depth accuracy which removes several graphics artifacts.

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