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Hier ist die Orange Smoothie-Mod für Beben 3 in der Full-Version 1.0 für Windows vom 14.12.2001. Diese Mod erweitert das Original um nützliche Features, ist aber kein Umbau des Grundprinzips von Beben 3. Mehr zum Setup von Client und Servern erfahrt Ihr hier.



There have been MANY features added to the default Quake3 game:

  • Enhanced match mode play, utilizing player "ready-up" to force synchronized matches (all modes of play).

  • Extra mode of play: "Clan Arena" that is similar in many respects to the popular RocketArena mod for Quake.

  • "Challenge Pro Mode" (CPM) play settings to allow for faster gameplay. This set of features is available under all game types.

  • Highly configurable client-side modification that allow for HUD manipulation, enhanced client authentication, auto-demo/screenshot recording, etc.

  • Multi-view spectating. OSP allows spectators to view multiple player screens AT THE SAME TIME! Sounds included =)

  • Additional spectator mode: The ViewCam. This mode allows for viewing the game in a more cinematic manner to get a better feel for the action.

  • Extensive in-game player and match statistics that are unique to each mode of play (FFA, 1v1, Team DM, CTF, and ClanArena).
  • Server-side definable "decals" that can be placed throughout the level, on a per-map basis. Up to 16 custom graphics and 32 total decals can be placed on every map.

  • Many enhancements from the excellent Q3Comp mod.

  • Optional "Coach" spectators that can talk with members on the team, issue commands on their behalf, and view all team members for a truly coach-style type of match play.

  • Flexible "filtering" mechanism to allow admins to deny player access based on name, IP address, or password. Also allows for player "reservations" (name/address/password) as well.

  • Highly advanced and configurable voting system.

  • Robust dynamic maplist generation system coupled with map rotation capabilities that takes into account player counts and allows for changing any server setting when the new map is loaded.

  • Player stats window for quick viewing of a player´s performance.

  • "Config mode" voting, where players can vote in new server modes that are supported by their own server configs.

  • Remote admin capabilities with many commands available.

  • Team captain capabilities to manage a team and its players.

  • Color skin support for head, body and legs. All three can be different! 10 colors available for each section.

  • Ability for teams to "lock out" spectators to prevent giving away strategy and cheating posibilities with Internet voice communication mechanisms.

  • Ability to follow only the red or blue team.

  • Automatic server public variables that are updated based on gameplay. Current match information such as time remaining, team scores (if available), etc. can be seen in the server information box from utilities such as GameSpy when the server is "refreshed".

  • Highly flexible overtime mode capabilities.

  • Server "timeouts" for match play that allow for a pause in the action (called by either team captians or referees).

  • Highly configurable (optional) grappling hook available.

  • Complete item/powerup banning capabilies (map independent).

  • Item replacement capabilities (map independent).

  • Additional "skunk" mode setting for 1v1 matches. This setting allows for a decent remake of RocketArena 1v1 matchplay.

  • In-server fix for q3tourney3 for team-based games.

  • Customizable server-specific MOTD support displayed to clients.

  • Customizable server-specific graphics to display to clients.

  • Optional item dropping for TDM/CTF.

  • Optional Q2 armor system.

  • Client-configurable lightning gun setting to give a better "feel" of its use under laggy conditions.

  • Ability to give weapons/ammo to players upon each respawn.

  • Ability to specify starting weapon for a player.

  • Additional informative logging.

  • Many bug fixes to the default id game (including dropped sounds).

  • Many extra small tweaks too numerous to cover.

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