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Das Update der Beben 3-Arena Full Conversion Bid for Power im Dragonball Z-Stil behebt einige Bugs und versucht die Balance der Charaktere auszugleichen.


Features und Bugfixes:
* added a bfp_server.cfg file, which lets server ops control: - flight cost, boost cost, ki regen, and ki charge regen.
* aura color is now forced to red or blue in team games depending on team.
* new console.
* tweaked attack shaders for lighting values.
* new fingerblast look and sound.
* lighter versions of the maps gptourney1 and gpctf1.
* added cone of fire support to the attack scripting.


* lowered boost cost significantly
* upped ki regen rate so that flying at max pl costs nothing.
* fixed the extra knockback on attacks that use that feature. tornado blast uses this.
* rebalance of most attacks.


* fixed the 1v1 server crash. 1v1 servers should be as stable as the other game types now.
* fixed handling of plugin player models on clients that don´t have the model.
* fixed a "weapon number out of range" message followed by a crash when playing with bots.
* fixed the appearance of explosion spawn attacks (homing special multi-beam bug).
* made suicide take away a kill.
* fixed losses being assigned to the wrong player in 1v1 games.
* ctf servers show up in 1.0 as lms servers. fixed.
* survival servers show up in 1.0 as single player servers. fixed.
* gametype in 1.0 gets cut off in the servers list. fixed.
* fixed missing friend shader for team games.
* added dummy player sounds for tetsedah, ryuujin, and pyrate to get rid of some warning messages.
* fixed the small own aura setting.
* switched the missile dlights of the two razor disks.
* fixed tornado blast catching attacks that have higher priority.
* fixed ki use toggle.
* fixed position of sparks in power struggles.


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