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Arx Fatalis - Patch v1.15

Liste aller Verbesserungen:

- Fixed a bug with the latest Nvidia Drivers and 2D cinematics going black
- On screen minimap option (you requested it, now you have it) : Press M or R to activate it
- Optimisation of the savegame and changelevel times
- Fixed a bug with the minimap and the Etheral link
- Added a forcetoggle=1 in the cfg.ini for the persons who prefer to have stealth and Magic in toggle mode
- Fixed a crash that could happen during loadings
- Fixed a bug with Garys chests
- Guards dont snoar in the castle after the Ylsides attack
- The entrance door of the castle is not breakable anymore
- Fixed a bug with the tavern attacking the player for no apparent reason
- Fixed a bug with the Food System
- Fixed a bug with a rebel guard standing in front of Redset Shop
- Arx City trap door are no longer interactive
- Fixed a minor bug with a guard in Arx city
- Fixed a bug with the dwarf forge
- Fixed a bug with magic objects which now increase normally your hit points and mana points when increasing your intelligence & constitution
- Fixed a bug where the Arx City Castle Guards were talking without any speech to be heard



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