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Zweiter Patch für alle Versionen von Club Football 2005.

* Fixed several issues caused by losing or drawing a match that would guarantee your team
a win in a league tournament
* Fixed a crash caused by dragging from the selection list in a custom tournament
* Fixed a problem that could occasionally cause players to be rendered incorrectly
* Players names are now displayed on the back of their shirts in the "Viewer"
* It is no longer possible to leave a player / tournament name blank
* Fixed an issue with the match introduction commentary
* Fixed an issues with replays occasionally being cut short
* Fixed the "View Readme" button in the launcher so it now works in Windows 98
* Fixed some issues caused by using the numpad keys in the front end
* Fixed an issue that would cause an 'out of range' refresh rate to be used in certain resolutions
* A lower refresh rate is now chosen at first boot (this can be changed in the launcher)
* Fixed a problem with a texture at Grensall Road
* Fixed an issue with the replay menu disappearing after a penalty shootout
* Fixed several issues with shadows
* Increased volume of crowd cheering when a goal is scored
* Fixed mouse navigation in the Club Album and Stadium Tour
* Fixed a bug were certain menus would not loop top to bottom
* Several Controller issues fixed
* Multiple translations added / corrected
* Several text overlaps corrected
* Several sound issue have been corrected
* Removed some references to the console version


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