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Brainbread ist eine Coop-Multiplayer-Modifikation für Half-Life (dt.). Bilder zur Mod findet ihr auf der offiziellen Website.

-Brainbread - The new coop multiplayer experience
-An arsenal of over 20 weapons makes sure you stand a chance of surviving against the zombie hordes - even if it's but a small one.
-Help your friends to survive - The Zombies work as a team.. you better do the same!
-The new GOREgeous-system (tm) allows you to shoot zombies into pieces and implements realistic blood particles - never seen in any hl mod before!
-Are you afraid of being killed by a zombie? One thing is worse: becoming one of them! Avoid getting bitten by those bastards.
-The Army is your only ally. AI based tanks, helicopters and soldiers will bring great AI against AI fights onto the streets!
-6 different character models, each one as human and zombie version!
-A huge city to explore and survive.
-Hundreds of zombies, your friends, a bunch of weapons...


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