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Patch 1.3 (international) nimmt folgende Verbesserungen am Spiel vor:

- Savegame now saves the training progress of units
- Fixed drag box over a window misplacement
- Strategic warfare view improved
- Glitches in unit production window resolved
- Implemented a decrease relations when nuclear research is done
- Added a low detail earth texture & option
- Fixed crash after economical failure in SP
- Thematic map are not closed when ending game anymore
- Old cursors replaced by new ones
- Battle summary window are now queued in mail
- Added a version number in the log file
- Drop in/out warning added
- Fixed crash when requesting war declaration and sponsoring it
- Added a "split units equally" button in split window
- Fixed a join multiplayer game crash (server info window)
- Cancelling SP game doesn't make first attemp to join or host game fail anymore
- Fixed language and religion percentage bug (adding them not giving 100%)
- Fixed crash when clicking on quick treaty
- You can now cancel unit production done by other countries for you
- Reduced the news quantity
- Trade window and trade data added
- Trade system AI added
- Cancelled unit production don't reappear after deletion anymore
- Comboboxes are now sorted (no matter what the language is)
- You can not have the USA (AI) assume your debt all the time anymore
- Unit movement speed affected by elevation now
- Fixed corrupted savegame bug
- Adding custom goals in singleplayer custom game mode
- Player should not be able to join as an annexed country
- AI Should build more units in time of peace
- Unit split crash
- Reasons to have treaties refused will appear to player
- Be able to launch nuke in self defense
- Validating Mods for MP Games
- Align selection square in Battle Overview map
- Command line to load mods
- High Taxes rate should have more of a bad effect
- Glitch in join MP game window (update of servers)
- Invalid SDK version when starting an SP game or hosting
- Join Multiplayer Dual Select
- Parent mod notion added (for modders)
- Billion units bug fixed
- Custom goals now reloaded correctly
- Password, give focus to edit box automatically
- Change mail notification associated with gain/loss of region control
- ASW helicopters can merge with naval groups and can be deployed on water
- Propagate MOD official status through network
- Do not allow 100% taxes anymore
- Grey-out window items when foreign country is selected
- History Window hidden (or killed) when a game is stopped
- Hotkeys to open the various windows
- Detect if mod is official
- Generate an official mod
- Inform user when they start an unofficial mod
- Add launch nuke button animation
- Ballistic missiles submarines, missiles are now splitted when submarines are splitted
- Main bar now shows real time in mutiplayer after it changed
- Counter-attack do not cause battle results to be wierd
- Military units do not get their *** whooped anymore
- Merge units of same type
- Relations does not go up so quickly anymore
- Quick treaty : Added 3 more treaties
- Have # of days to research nuclear
- Added client advisor messages not to propose dangerous trades
- Battle summary in a mail when not looking at battle
- Block Strategic Warfare" toggle to the Host Multiplayer Game


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