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"The Punisher" Modifikation für Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne.

.Added the customized Colt 1911s
.Added M4A1 Carbine
.Added Dual UMP 45
.Added M249

.New Colt Anaconda
.New Beretta with Compensator
.New Desert Eagle
.New Mossberg Maverick Shotgun
.New Spas 12 Shotgun
.New Sig SG552
.New Glock 18
.New Colt Commando
.New Sig Saucer SG3000
.New .480 Cheyenne

.All New Sounds For Shooting

.Added Colt 1911 Reload Sound
.Added M4A1 Carbine Reload Sound
.Added M249 Reload Sound

.New Colt Anaconda Reload Sound
.New Spas 12 Shotgun Reload Sounds
.New Sig SG552 Reload Sound

.Gibbing System Enabled
.Shootdodge Rebuilt
.Bullettime Remap

.New Healthbar
.New Bullettime Bar

.New Menu Screens by Tim Bradstreet
.New Menu Music by Carlo Siliotto
.New Font


-Mod Founder
-Particle FX
-Everything Else ;)



.Special Thanks to Marvel Comics for creating The Punisher
.Carlo Siliotto for his amazing composing of the scores for The Punisher
.Tim Bradstreet for the Menu art

.Deflex for modeling the Colt 1911
.Ikraan for modeling the Glock
.Decimal for modeling the M4A1 Carbine
.Birdhouse for texturing the M4A1 Carbine
.oPe for modeling/texturing the Mossberg Maverick
.Darkstorm for modeling/texturing the Spas 12 Shotgun
.Scrypt for modeling/texturing the UMP 45
.Bullit for modeling/texturing the Sig SG552
.Lonewolf for modeling/texturing the new Desert Eagle
.Snap for modeling the FAMAS F1
.S.P.I.T.Z. for texturing the FAMAS F1
.FrencyNeo for modeling/texturing the Beretta

.Kylef88 for all his input on the mod along the way, you have been a great help for kicking off a new chapter in Max Payne development
.Rico for helping me alot with the gibbing system
.Lindsey Lohan for being there for me in those tough times :(



.Extract THEPUNISHERMOD.rar to either your C:programfilesrockstargamesmaxpayne2 directory, to play in normal Max Payne 2 (recommended).


.Extract THEPUNISHERMOD.rar to your C:Maxpayne2devgame directory, for play in developer Max Payne 2 mode (normal Max Payne 2 mode recommended)


.Either start Max Payne 2 or Max Payne 2 Developer, depending on where you installed it (look above). And choose THE PUNISHER MOD from the drop down Mod Selector List.


.Choose options and Un-Check "Pixel Shader Skins" if the mod is crashing on your PC.


.Click Play


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