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Erster Patch für die Verkaufsversion von Armies of Exigo. Nach der Patch-Installation funktionieren die alten Savegames nicht mehr mit der aktualisierten Version. Wenn ihr also die Speicherstände behalten möchtet, dann solltet ihr den Patch nicht installieren.

Armies of Exigo - Patch 1.2b

WARNING: Previous Armies of Exigo save files are not compatible with this patch. If you would like to use your current save files then please do not install this update.

This patch updates the retail version of Armies of Exigo (1.0b) to 1.2b and addresses some optimizations along with the following issues:

- High Priest encounter causes loss of sound on some PC configurations
- Incorrect error message after a multiplayer de-sync
- User is able to become stuck in Mission 7 of the Fallen Campaign
- Scenario Editor help file sometimes does not load correctly
- Show Ally And Neutral Info option not functioning correctly
- Custom Group Key bindings functioning incorrectly
- Option menu text truncated for some European languages (800x600 resolution)
- In certain instances, the game can crash to the desktop during the in-game cinema, where Princess Domina is killed being guided to the portal
- Scenario Editor - Giving Vision to ALL or ACTIVE players can cause a crash to the desktop
- A crash can occur if a player quits a GameSpy game session during the Start countdown and later rejoins a saved copy of that same game
- Loading a game that has multiple saves in Team Melee mode on Spitting Distance Map can crash the game
- Game locks up when including a shape-shifted Summoner in a group of Summoners and then attempting to Control Form
- Gamespy Lobby: Flooding a private chat room with one other user can crash the game
- In certain situations, observers were able to control all units on the map after assigning them to a Super Group
- Options > Game > Show Ally and Neutral Info toggle has no effect
- Hero Character becomes invulnerable after skipping Phoenix in-game cinema during Mission 9 of the Empire Campaign
- Buildings and researches unlocked by the Stone Keep Upgrade remain unlocked after the Stone Keep or Castle is destroyed
- Users watching replays of games while signed in to GameSpy appear to be available for chat in the GameSpy Lobby
- No error message is given if user attempts to save a replay when there is insufficient drive space
- As the "Collect 10,000 Wood" objective is completed, the objective "Keran Must Survive" is also completed. Despite that, if Keran does die, the mission cannot be finished.


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