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Deutscher Patch für Shade - Zorn der Engel. Der Patch fügt u.a. 32 neue Speicherpunkte an den kritischsten Stellen hinzu.

The v1.2 upgrade apart from some bug fixing, also includes added features, for example: 32 new save points at the most critical places throughout the game and a Special Time Combat mode with 2 new deadly arenas.

The In-game "portal" saves are incompatible with this patch.
You can only use your previous "level start" saves.

Features Added

- Special Time Combat mode added with 2 new deadly arenas.
- Drawing a weapon does not stop the players movement.
- Player transparency is disabled in the advanced options.
- 32 new save points at the most critical places throughout the game.
- Spell names in the magic shop appear if you are close to them.

Features Fixed

- Player ingame messages ("I need a key") are now localized.
- Smooth movement around corners is now easier to achieve.
- Footstep sound in some cut scenes are fixed.
- Keystroke names are now localized.
- Subtitle word wrap problem is fixed.
- Fast white strobe instead of start videos on some machines is fixed.
- "Ammo" and "In Magazine" in the inventory are now localized.
- Save messages are now localized.
- Torch handle animation problem is now fixed.
- Sprint jump while Sprint charge is disabled.
- Problems with cut scenes on Norwegian windows are fixed.
- Difficulty level multiplying with in game loading is fixed.
- Slightly faster players attacks.
- L19(The house of Osiris) check board puzzle is fixed.
- Full health cheat fixed.
- To solve the problem with the player not reacting to movement keys you can enable "Force software device" checkbox in "Start/Program Files/Cenega/Shade/Setup Shade" to solve this problem.


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