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Aktualisierte Version (v3.6.0) des Benchmarks 3DMark03 (Februar-Update 2010)

Februar-Update 2010:
-Updated System Info component version to

System Info v3.21.2.1 changes
-completely rewritten GPU clock speed detection
-fixed "COM Surrogate" errors
-fixed several compatibility problems with motherboards with integrated graphics adapters

Juni-Update 2009:
These installers contain the June 2009 system information detection update that fixes numerous issues in the hardware detection in these benchmarks. The version numbers of the actual benchmark products will not change and benchmark scores and visuals are identical to previous versions.

Technical Details Associated with the New 3DMark03 Patch (Build 3.6.0)

-Benchmark scores do not change between the build 3.6.0 and build 3.5.0;
-Updated System Info module with support for the latest CPU and graphics hardware;
-Updated version of the Entech library, which is used to detect the clock frequency of the graphics chip core and memory;
-Fixed all reported & reproduced bugs;
-Possible result vulnerability has been blocked


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