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Patch für die deutsche Version von Massive Assault auf v1.2.204.


This patch affects Multiplayer mode of the game mostly: improved are
after-game and before-game messaging, added random side challenges
and an option to enforce your victory in the time-outed games. Some
other fixes and improvements have been made, including support of wide
screen resolutions (useful for some modern laptops).


1.1. Transparency of trees increased
1.2. Statistics changed: Stats screen now shows all potential money for
     player instead of total country control
1.3. Entire phase rewind function added (Alt + "Rewind" button)
1.4. Bug fix: airplanes and carriers disappearing after "Undo"


2.1. Smart replay name generation implemented


3.1. Ability to enforce the end of a time-outed game enabled (you will get the
3.2. "Online Status" feature added to "My Profile"
3.3. Random side challenges enabled
3.4. Rank/score changes message is added
3.5. Now you can view the whole turn, during which the opponent has surrendered
3.6. In-game messages are now an option after the game is finished
3.7. Sending personal messages to any player added (available in "Personal
3.8. Improved challenge/game descriptions
3.9. Indication of receiving/sending game IDs is added
3.10. "Restore Profile" button now restores all games from the server
3.11. Hidden password option added
3.12. Minor rules differences between this and older versions fixed


4.1. AI difficulty level selection returned for World War mode


5.1. Support of all available resolutions, including wide screen resolutions
5.2. An option to switch background animation on/off in main menu (see
     "Gameplay Settings") added
5.3. Some other bugs and glitches are fixed

Massive Assault: version 1.1.191
Patch released: February 2004


This patch includes Scoring System in singleplayer, rebalanced for 3
difficulty levels. Hot-Seat mode now has save option (as requested
by the players). Numerous enhancements in Multiplayer mode and replays.


1.1. Metallic units - environment mapping added
1.2. Light reflection on water added


2.1. Hot-Seat save enabled
2.2. Scoring system added in single-player mode
2.3. All scenarios and campaigns are redesigned and rebalanced for 3
     difficulty levels
2.4. Undo during unit deployment is implemented (left click removes unit)
2.5. Enhanced statistics indication: player names added
2.6. Indication of disabled countries in scenarios added


3.1. Player names, side and turn number are now indicated in replays
3.2. Fly-over-world mode at the end of replay added
3.3. Bug fix: some glitches in replays are eliminated


4.1. Your rank, name, score, wins and loses are now showed in the
     multiplayer menu
4.2. Opponent's rank and name, as well as turn number are showed in
     multiplayer games
4.3. "Send Message" button added to menu for multiplayer games
4.4. Bug fix: incompatibility of in-game messages for different version
4.5. Bug fix: broken games caused by the disconnections while sending turns
4.6. Bug fix: game freezing in Challenge menu


5.1. Space shortcut added for "End Phase" in "This unit can fire" warning
5.2. Bug fix: pause release on clicking "Menu" button in replays
5.3. Bug fix: "Cancel" button in "Gameplay Options" not working
5.4. Bug fix: unable to buy air units when fully loaded Transport is in
     the city


6.1. Hardware/Software options added for mouse and sound
6.2. Some other bugs and glitches are fixed

Massive Assault: version 1.0.190
Patch released: December 2003


The most crucial part of this patch is Artificial Intelligence. Since the AI
of Massive Assault was named "very tough" by the press, 3 AI's difficulty
levels have been implemented for all playing modes. As well as AI performance
is significantly increased. The performance of 3D Engine is also increased,
especially for GeForce3 and GeForce4. Transparent "Rewind" feature has been
implemented for more comfortable gameplay - now players can Rewind their
actions through the Phases. Plus lots of other smaller improvements and bug


1.1. Significantly increased performance for NVidia GeForce 3&4 in pixel
     shaders mode
1.2. Improved quality of water reflection in pixel shaders mode
1.3. Increased overall 3D Engine performance


2.1. Significantly increased AI performance
2.2. 3 AI's difficulty levels implemented for all playing modes:
     * EASY level is funny enough: AI buys expensive units and makes mistakes
       in tactical calculations
     * MEDUIUM level: AI buys cost-effective units but makes mistakes in
       tactical calculations
     * HARD level is similar to original AI level: AI buys cost-effective
       units and it's very tough in tactics
2.3. Overall AI's tactical behavior improved
2.4. AI's Naval units' behavior improved (including their co-operation with
     the land units)
2.5. Bug fix: AI crashes, when it is trying to raises Guerilla in a country
     without empty spots


3.1. "Rewind" button now works throughout the Phases
3.2. Restarting campaign bug has been fixed
3.3. Restarting campaign's step bug has been fixed
3.4. The air units, which have already fired are now allowed to move,
     corresponding message box appears
3.5. When a player is loading already fired unit to transport, corresponding
     warning appears
3.6. Bug fix: possibility to combine Undo and Rewind to illegally load Land
     Transport into Naval Transport


4.1. Automatic Server Connection inside multiplayer profile enabled
4.2. Bug fix: the last player in the player list was not displayed
4.3. Bug fix: problems with profile restoration over the old one
4.4. Bug fix: destructive data losses due to interrupted internet connection
4.5. Bug fix: wrong 'days ago' calculation in Multiplayer mode
4.6. Additional turn history verification implemented (to prevent online game
     data losses)
4.7. F5 and R keyboard shortcuts added for server connection (equal to
     "Send&Recive" button)
4.8. Ctrl-Enter shortcut added for message editing mode to send the message
     (equal to "OK" button)


5.1. "Composed" unit (i.e. Transport, Carrier or city with other units or
     Bombers are automatically selected at first click (though the popup is
     still displayed). Players can select the "passenger" by clicking on the
     popup units, or immediately move/attack the initial unit.
     Right click = deselect
5.2. Alt-Click selects:
     1) a unit inside a city
     2) a Transport (without showing the popup with "passengers")
     3) a Carrier (without showing the popup with Bombers)
5.3. "Passenger" info is displayed (both allied and enemy units) when the mouse
     is over the popup window
5.4. Pause button implemented in replays and enemy turn animation - you can
     freeze the enemy movement and freely move/rotate the camera - EXTREMELY
5.5. Scenario list opening is speeded up
5.6. Cursor relocation upon mouse click in the text input box implemented
5.7. Keyboard response is speeded up in the text input box
5.8. Numpad Enter is now equal to main Enter
5.9. Mouse scroll button capturing improved
5.10. Sound volume scale changed. After installing this patch the sound volume
      may appear higher
5.11. Bug fix: sometimes mouse clicks were not counted fast enough (i.e. there
      were "lost" mouse clicks)
5.12. Bug fix: some glitches in voiceovers are eliminated
5.13. Bug fix: some glitches in list controls eliminated
5.14. Bug fix: double click on "Stats" button causes doubled voice comment
5.15. URL to MA web-site on the main menu screen has been made clickable


6.1. Bug reporting tool added
6.2. Log info presentation changed, date/size of ma.exe added
6.3. Numerous text typos corrected


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