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Patch für Die Siedler: Das Erbe der Könige auf Version 1.03. Wer das Add-On Nebelreich kauft und installiert hat automatisch schon Version 1.02. Mit dem Auto-Downloader, der im Spiel integriert wird, ist es möglich den Patch 1.03 automatisch vom Programm installieren zu lassen.

Version 1.03

Bug Fixes
- A security problem with the network module is fixed.

Version 1.02

- In multiplayer mode there is now a color that indicates whether a player can join a game or play with another player.
- After disconnecting from a game, the player does not need to log back on to Ubi.com any more.
- The ubi.com account is used on all ubi.com in-game screens.
- Walls look better in Fog of War.

Bug Fixes
- Pilgrim`s bomb is not removed by a building or his own cannon any more.
- In multiselection, Pilgrim`s cannon does not cause Salim to move any more.
- The mini map always shows battle signals at the correct positions.
- The bug when selecting Pilgrim`s cannon causes an excecption in certain circumstances is fixed.
- The occasional freeze when the auto cannon loses its target does not occur any more.
- When several heroes are selected Salim`s trap does not cause a crash to desktop any more.
- All technology tooltips are now correct.
- When using the "blessing" of the church, only the correct workers are blessed.
- Double clicking serfs near the edge of the map always selects only the serfs displayed on the screen.


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