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Patch für Act of War auf Version 1.05.


* Map Editor, and support for importing custom made maps into the game
* new maps and one old one:
- Highway (1v1)
- Tver Hazard (1v1)
- Four Lakes (2v2)
- Sand Sky (2v2, FFA)
- Fort Fog (3v3)
- Freedom Temple (3v3)
* Increased construction time for Consortium Motor Pool and the Task Force Talon Vehicle Command Center slightly
* Lowered the BTR-80's speed slightly
* Lowered the BTR-80's hit points slightly


* Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, AK-74s defending buildings got wrong armor type
* Bug fix: the BTR-80s fired anti-tank shells instead of anti-tank missile
* Bug fix: you got the full amount back when selling your starting Derrick
* Pressing SHIFT to queue building constructions now recognizes the TAB key (to rotate buildings)
* Out-of-synch issue addressed = could occassionally result in invincible units and buildings
* The Message of the Day now has a scroll bar


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