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Dieses Update beinhaltet bringt das Spiel auf Version 1.30 und es beinhaltet alle vorigen Updates zu Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

Änderungen in Version 1.30:

Last Additions:
 * A ready indicator for MP modes has been added.
 * Map download feature has been added.
Server admins can link to a map's location on a web server in the autogenerated map_downloads.xml file, and when clients attempts to join they will be offered to download the map. When the download is completed, the client must restart his game in order to load the new map.
 * An extensive list of GRAW mod documentation can be found in the Support\Editor tutorials folder.

 * New gametype Siege added.
One team defends and holds a vital zone while the other attempts to get inside it. If the attackers remain alive inside the zone for more than 4 seconds, they win the game.
 * New gametype OGR Coop added.
OGR coop brings back firefight and recon winning conditions to GRAW, and compliments the Cooperative campaign mode in the game.
 * Standalone dedicated server executable added.
This executable will load context-dedicated.xml, which in turn reads servers_shared.xml in /Settings. Servers_shared.xml lets you specify a server password and other server settings. Please note that the minimum game CPU requirement still applies, or you might start experiencing connection issues.
 * Server administration console added.
A complete list of commands can be found in Support/Commands.txt
 * A new speedhack detection system has been added to the anticheat.
 * You can now add favorites by entering the server's ip in the favorites interface.
This allows you to enter a custom ip for a server and connect directly. Note that you need to be logged in to Gamespy first, in order to register with your nickname.
 * Added nightvision toggle for Deathcam
 * Added a new checkbox in the Cooperative campaign that allows players to continue even if Mitchell dies.
 * Added kit restrictions.
Enable these either in the server creation interface or through the admin console. You can mix and match to customize your server.
 * Added a new 3 Mbit/s limit for server admins.
You can now increase the alloted game bandwidth to 3 Mbit, from a previous maximum of 1.5. This is the maximum total a server may use and share between it's clients, but please note that while a higher bandwidth setting can decrease latency and improve lag issues, it will increase the processor load on the server. The bandwidth setting only affects servers.
 * Added "Next map" to the multiplayer loading screen.
 * Updated the Editor to allow outputting Siege and OGR Coop maps.
Press F1 in the editor to access the help screen for each layer. There's also a tutorial and a sample level in the Support directory.


 * Fixed aspect ratio bug with widescreen monitors.
 * Fixed shot/hit effect going off on spawn and sometimes when chatting.
 * Fixed issue where a player could get stuck in run animation.
 * Fixed several crash bugs.
 * The server info button now always shows the correct map name
 * Fixed glitch where you could run while crouching and still shoot.
 * Fixed an exit bug that would cause GRAW to perform an illegal operation when exiting.
 * Fixed some CrossCom camera glitches.
 * A number of typos and small glitches have been fixed.


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