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Finaler Patch 1.4 für Far Cry (von Version 1.0 oder 1.1)

Patch 1.4 change log

* This patch supports 32 bit only.

General changes

* Added remakes of assault maps (Project FiXit).
* Closed several security holes.
* Joypad support has been added.
* Several console commands have been deactivated and are only available in DEVMODE.

Multiplayer General changes

* Added automatic kicking of team killers for violating default limit (integrated with PunkBuster).
* Added broadcasting and spawn messaging capability.
* Added central red-dot to the scope of the sniper rifle.
* Added command allowing gameplay to commence at any specific flag point for training.
* Added first person spectator view, however it is considered beta and will not be officially supported.
* Added GUI buttons for players to easily vote.
* Added GUI voting panel to initiate votes for map changes and kicking players.
* Added ingame server administrator panel for real time GUI admin capability.
* Added ingame text flood kicking (integrated with PunkBuster).
* Added IP and server name to scoreboard.
* Added a Join server by IP function.
* Added a disable voting option.
* Added option to remove enemy nametags from crosshairs.
* Added team kill punish and forgive system.
* Fixed "CD Key In Use" issue with automatic server kick.
* Fixed binocular/sniper rifle bug.
* Fixed bug in mp_airstrip which lead to a server crash.
* Fixed bug where players were missing their scoreboard (getting refreshed automatically now).
* Fixed gameplay issues on mp_jungle.
* Fixed grenade bug.
* Fixed scoreboard, it now properly displays ping.
* Inflatable boat can sustain an increased amount of damage.
* Server browser list updated for easy navigation. Many filters and a favourite server section added as well.

Multiplayer Gameplay changes

* Added MP5 and Shocker to Assault game mode.
* Added occlusive damage to vehicle explosions (player cannot die due to an explosion while behind a solid object any more).
* Fall damage reduced.
* General weapons balancing improved.
* Health and armour adjusted amongst the classes to give the grunt the most, engineer medium and sniper least.
* New OICW grenade launcher interface.
* New RL fire mode.
* Server and client optimisations for smoother gameplay.
* Stamina increased by 50%.
* Sticky bombs replaced with "Beta" C4.
* Wrench now has melee capability.


* Features Manual for Far Cry(tm) Patch 1.4 (A detailed description about the newly added features).
* Server Command Table (Lists all the new commands available for Far Cry(tm) in multiplayer with explanations).
* Project Fixit (A detailed explanation of changes from the stock assault maps).


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