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Vollversion 1.2.1 des Benchmarks 3DMark06

Mit diesem Testprogramm könnt ihr Prozessor und Grafikkarte mit aufwändigen 3D-Szenen testen. Auch die HDR-Rendering-Technik und Pixel Shader 3.0 kommen zum Einsatz. Die grundlegenden Funktionen und Leistungstests des Benchmarks sind kostenlos. Eine kostenpflichtige Registrierung schaltet weitere Dienste frei.

März-Update 2012 - v1.2.1
There is a new installer of 3DMark06 available. This is installer version 1.2.1.
The benchmark executable is still version 1.2.0 and has not changed.

* SystemInfo component updated to 4.15
* OpenAL installer updated to latest version

This makes 3DMark06 fully compatible with Windows 8.

Februar-Update 2010 - v1.2.0.1901
-Fixed CPU Test Novodex thread search when there are more than 32 threads
-Updated System Info component version to

System Info v3.21.2.1 changes
-completely rewritten GPU clock speed detection
-fixed "COM Surrogate" errors
-fixed several compatibility problems with motherboards with integrated graphics adapters

Juni-Update 2009:
These installers contain the June 2009 system information detection update that fixes numerous issues in the hardware detection in these benchmarks. The version numbers of the actual benchmark products will not change and benchmark scores and visuals are identical to previous versions.


Oktober 2007-Update:

  • Updated GPU core/memory clock detection library for enhanced compatibility and support for new hardware
  • New files are:
    • Direcpll.dll (
    • Entech.sys (
    • Entech64.sys (

    3DMark06 Build 1.1.0

    * Windows Vista enabled; (To run the benchmark in Windows Vista 64bit, please run the application as administrator.)
    * Fixed splash screen on Windows Vista;
    * Fixed some Excel issues;
    * Improved startup speed by optimizing the SystemInfo component;
    * Updated SystemInfo component with support for the latest CPU and graphics hardware;
    * Fixed all reported & reproduced issues.

    Features des 3DMark06

    -Vier Grafiktests (Two SM2.0 + Two HDR/SM3.0)
    -Zwei CPU-Tests (komplexe KI und Physik)
    -ShaderModel 3.0 wird getestet
    -Anzahl der Tests: 19
    -ShaderModel 2.0 und 3.0
    -HDR Rendering
    -Drei Zwischenwertungen (SM2.0, HDR/SM3.0 and CPU Score)
    -Dynamic Shadows: 5 Uniform Shadow Maps
    -Smooth Shadows (16 sample & 4 sample)
    -Level of Detail: Very High
    -Texture Size: Very High
    -Materials: Complex
    -Shader Complexity: Very High (Max 512 instructions)
    -Amount of lights: Very High
    -VRAM Usage: ~256MB
    -Spielbarer Teil: Ja
    -Target GPU: 2nd Generation SM3.0 or better
    -Target CPU: Dual/Multi Core & Single Core

    Minimum System Recommendations

    • DirectX®9 compatible graphics adapter with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 or later, and graphics memory of 256 MB or above. (*
    • Intel® or AMD® compatible processor running on 2.5 GHz or above.
    • 1GB system memory or more.
    • 1.5GB of free hard disk space.
    • Windows®XP operating system with the latest Service Pack and updates installed, or Windows Vista" operating system (**
    • DirectX 9.0c (December 2005) installed (download) with the latest updates.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6 installed, for some 3DMark functionality (download).
    • Microsoft Excel® 2000, 2003 or XP for some 3DMark functionality.
    • Microsoft DirectX 9.0c (December 2005) System Development Kit (download) is required to run the image quality test using the reference rasterizer.

    (* = In order to run the HDR/SM3.0 graphics tests, a DirectX 9 compatible graphics adapter with support for Pixel Shader 3.0, 16 bit floating point textures and 16 bit floating point blending is required.

    It is possible that 3DMark06 will run on PCs that do not meet the requirements above, but the benchmark performance may be seriously affected. For example, insufficient video memory will result in texture swapping - this will cause fluctuations during the tests, reducing the reliability of the generated scores.

    Congratulations on installing 3DMark06, the worldwide standard in advanced 3D graphics performance benchmarking from Futuremark Corporation. 3DMark06 is a fundamental tool for every PC user interested in 3D graphics and performance. 3DMark06 will measure your PC's 3D performance in next generation games, reliably compare the latest high end gaming hardware, and show you amazing real-time 3D graphics. By using 3DMark06 and the Online ResultBrowser web service, you will get:

    • The 3DMark score - a globally recognized and comparable measurement of the 3D performance of your PC.
    • SM2.0 Score - a new comparable measurement of the 3D ShaderModel 2.0 performance of your PC.
    • HDR/SM3.0 Score - a new comparable measurement of the 3D ShaderModel 3.0 & HDR performance of your PC.
    • CPU Score - a comparable measurement of the CPU performance of your PC.
    • A comparison of your machine and the fastest PCs on the planet.
    • An educated estimate as to how much better your system will perform with certain upgrades.
    • A view into the next generation of real-time 3D graphics.


    • Two HDR/SM3.0 graphics tests, requiring DirectX 9 hardware with support for SM3.0, 16 bit floating point textures and 16 bit floating point blending.
    • Two SM2.0 graphics tests, requiring DirectX 9 hardware with full SM2.0 support.
    • Two completely new CPU tests, both supporting threading and multiprocessors, requiring DirectX 9 hardware with SM2.0 support.
    • Feature tests focusing on key characteristics of graphics performance.
    • The 3DMark06 demo the ultimate display of real-time 3D graphics featuring an original sound track.
    • A wide range of benchmark settings and professional tools for image quality inspection, texture filtering quality testing, automated batch runs and a lot more.
    • A mini-game based on the CPU test for users to run the game-engine used in the CPU test.

    Note: The results and final score of 3DMark06 are not comparable with any previous version of 3DMark.

    The primary features in 3DMark06 Basic Edition (Free)

  • Two SM2.0 graphics tests, using DirectX 9 SM2.0 features extensively.
  • Two HDR/SM3.0 graphics tests, using DirectX 9 SM3.0 features and floating point extensively.
  • Two multiprocessor CPU tests focusing on CPU intensive tasks in 3D games.
  • Total 3DMark score, and SM2.0, HDR/SM3.0 and CPU sub-scores online only.
  • An exciting and awe-inspiring 3DMark demo, pushing your system to its limits.
  • System Info utility, which provides an in-depth analysis of the status and features of the components in your PC.
  • Access to the Online Result Browser for global comparison of PC performance.

    Additional features available in the Advanced and Professional Editions of 3DMark06

  • Total 3DMark score, and SM2.0, HDR/SM3.0 and CPU sub-scores both offline and online.
  • Full control over the benchmark display configuration, including resolution, shader profiles, anti-aliasing and texture filtering.
  • Feature tests measuring shader performance, and other essential graphics performance features.
  • A mini-game based on the CPU test.
  • Professional tools, including image quality analysis and graph creation of runtime statistics.
  • Result import to MS Excel tool for easier result management and report creation.
  • Access to the Pro-Online Result Browser, a must have for all professional system testers and enthusiast overclockers.

    Added features only available in the Professional Edition of 3DMark06

  • Command line options enabled.
  • Batch run functionality for automated testing.
  • License to use 3DMark06 for commercial purposes, e.g. product promotion at trade shows.
  • Demo Loop option. ´

    (** = To run 3DMark06 Build 1.1.0 in Windows Vista 64bit, please run the application as administrator.
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