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In der englischen Demo zu Combat Mission: Shock Force (Version 1.11) können drei Szenarios und die Multiplayer-Modi angetestet werden.

This demo features many fixes, user interface updates and performance improvements over the original demo, plus it includes a third (and brand new) playable scenario. Since this demo is based on the most current v1.07 game code, you also get access to the new pop-up unit command panel, customized hotkey functionality, the new high fidelity spotting model and hundreds of other AI behavior improvements, combat tweaks and game enhancements!

This demo includes two scenarios which can be played as either US or Syrian, plus a third scenario, "Demo Training" which was designed as a tutorial to be played from the US perspective. Both Real-Time and Turn-Based gameplay are available and all multiplayer modes are active (TCP-IP, PBEM, Hotseat) and you can even access and play with the full Game Editor (save function disabled). The demo also includes the original full 196 page game manual in pdf format.


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