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Realistische Modifikation Battlegroup42 v1.35a für Battlefield 1942 (offizielle Website)

After a long wait since the last Battlegroup42 1.33 release, we can finally present you a new version of our mod! The release of the latest version of the Battlegroup42 mod for Battlefield 1942 is now available! This new version, 1.35a, includes several new maps, new vehicles (air, land and sea), new statics, new sounds, new weapons and an even further improved AI. We´ve also fixed all of those annoying bugs from the 1.33 release, especially the the reason for disconnects and crashes. This new build is somewhat more stable.

Although 1.35a has many new features, it´s only an "in between" release to replace 1.33 as fast as possible. Because of this, some of the features in 1.33 are not in 1.35a, they have been removed for debugging reasons. They may return in the following 1.4 release if they are "bug-free".

And here´s the complete list of new stuff in 1.35a


- 4207-intruder_mission (no coop yet)  made by SargeSurfat
- 4307-prokhorovka (no coop yet) made by SargeSurfat
- 4408-kishinev_pocket (Coop) former "Operation Last Hope", a community map made by Gladiator from OPK mod.
  converted to BG42 by SargeSurfat,Coop support made by Dnamro
- 4502-battle_for_trier (Coop) former "Supply line", a community map made by Fizzy converted to BG42 by SargeSurfat.
- 4502-carpathian_winter (no coop yet) former "Tundra" rebuild by SargeSurfat
- 4504_seelow_heights (no coop yet) made by SargeSurfat
- new strategicareas.con file for Rostov


- Ki-61 Hien
- F6F-3 Hellcat
- P-40
- P-40E
- Bf 110 C-4
- D.H. 98 Mosquito


- SdKfz 231
- Type 94 Te-Ke
- M4 Sherman
- M4A2 "Sherman III"
- Sherman IIIC Firefly
- T-30
- T-40 (amphibious)
- Sturmhaubitze 42
- improved Hetzer
- 2 new LCT versions
- german Schnellboot (e-Boat)
- static Ha-Go
- AA guns for Gato, Sub7C and LCT
- Harley motorcycle
- SU-152


- Single Bofors
- Dual Bofors
- MG 15
- MG 81 Z
- Type 99 MG
- Type 92 MG
- new Mortar
- Maxim M1910
- Model 96 25mm AA gun
- Stationary Vickers
- sFH 18


- MG 42 kit
- MG 34 kit
- M1919 Browning Kit
- new MG34 model
- new M1A1 Bangalore Torpedo
- new meshes for dropped player kits

For a complete list of changes/fixes please read the included readme in the mod. Unfortunatly we discovered a small issue on one of the new maps after BG42 1.35a was uploaded, which needs to be fixed. We strongly recommend to download this Hotfix and install it just after installing the main files. Please follow our Installation guides.

We want to thank all our team members who created the new stuff for this build, and of course our beta-testers who helped us finding bugs and giving us new ideas for this and further releases. You did a great job!
A BIG "thank you" for Smig, for creating this beautiful U-Boot Bunker and its interior for 4206-intruder_mission. It´s indeed a very good static and looks incredibly good. We also want to thank Geronimo|Ger for his new russian houses and the rye- and wheatfields on Prokhorovka. And last but not least a "thank you" for our new associate Cabrio, who created a small Depot and a W360 Diesel Locomotive.

Thanks also go out to Lobo from FH mod for helping us finding a very annoying bug in the internal 1.35 beta releases. He also donated the tripod mesh for our Nambu stationary machinegun. Thanks buddy !!!

We also thank the Battlefield 1918 and EoD mod teams for their kind support and their permission to use content of their mods in Battlegroup42.

And now, have fun with the new Release


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