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Patch 1.35b für die Modifikation Battlegroup42 v1.35a (Client) für Battlefield 1942

This Patch fixed the following bugs:

- server crash on 4207-intruder_mission when destroying the ControlTower

- wheat- and ryefields on 4307-prokhorovka

- a small bug on 4503-poison_inferno

- new mesh for the oak_tree_m1, it now has proper collision meshes to prevent its usage as an exploit

- ruders and flaps of the Ju 52

- missing icon for M2A1 Howitzer Battery
And, as a small bonus for your patience we have included three new maps, each one of them with Coop support !

- 4005-kornwerderzand (Coop)
  made by Tsuribaka, converted to BG42 by Sarge Surfat, new Coop made by Dnamro

In the early days of World War II 225 Dutch soldiers  successfully stopped the advance of the German army, which was going to take the Ijssel dam to push further into the west of the Netherlands. The defense position at the artificial island of Kornwerderzand consisted of heavily fortified casemates and bunkers, which have been shelled and bombed for two days. Nevertheless the Germans were unable to take them out, leaving 330 dead soldiers on the "Dam of Death". The Dutch finally were ordered to surrender after their governments capitulation on May14th,1940. Since we don´t have dutch soldiers yet, british soldiers take their part for now.

- 4411-towards_budapest (Coop)
  former "Road to Berlin, made by Fizzy, converted to BG42 by Sarge Surfat

This is another map for our hungarian troops. Budapest was a major target for the Soviets - the capital of Germanys last satellite and an important link for a further advance to Vienna. On 29 October 1944, the Red Army started its offensive on the city. More than 1,000,000 men rushed towards the city, planning to cut it off from the rest of the German and Hungarian troops. The resulting siege lastet 102 days and was one of the fiercest battles of the war, only to be compared with the sieges of Leningrad and Stalingrad. More than 120000 soldiers and about 40000 civilians were killed.

- 4503-road_to_koblenz (Coop)
  former "Reichsbahn", made by Xacto and Audiogod, converted to BG42 by Sarge Surfat

In Spring 1945 the Allied forces were advancing through the Rhineland towards the heart of Germany. German forces, driven from France and Belgium seeked to repel the powerful Allied thrust and set up defenses along the Rhine to prevent the Allies from crossing the river. However, in March 1945 General Pattons tanks were going to complete the encirclement of the 7. German Army. They were on the road to Koblenz!

We hope that you will enjoy this new version.


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