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Umfangreiche Modifikation v1.6 für die Computerintelligenz (Kampagne, Diplomatie, etc.) bei Medieval 2: Total War

Die Modifikation besitzt einen eigenen Installer (deutsche und englische Sprachversion) und funktioniert sowohl mit Medieval 2: Total War v1.2 sowie der Erweiterung Kingdoms.

The changelog to the previous versions is just too long, so I will only give an overview of the main features.

Campaign AI
- Total revision of vanilla AI with separate AI profiles for Papal States, Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims, Mongols (Timurids), Aztecs, and Neutrals
- AI systematically evaluates every available campaign parameter to find the best offensive or defensive option
- Reasonable alliances, backstabbing still possible
- AI using large stacks for attack and defense - no other AI will give you these results!

If you want to experience an AI that expands fast, uses weaknesses in your defense, and acts planful, then stop searching!

- No more random declarations of war!
- Limited alliances between historically hostile factions
- Allies will help each other, if they have the means
- Papal States will primarily act via diplomacy
- Special relationship between the Pope and Italian states (Venice, Milan, Sicily) - Pope will ask for help when attacked
- Total revision of faction standing mechanics to provide more subtle changes in relations between factions, rather than jumping from perfect to horrible.
- All your actions will affect not only the target faction, but also its allies and enemies as well!
- Revised the value of all diplomatic offers and demands
- AI will make more counterproposals in negotiations

Battle AI & AI Formations
- Complete battle AI modification and mechanics for longer lasting and absolutely challenging field battles and sieges
- Massively improved flanking and skirmish behavior
- Improved pathfinding
- Realistic terrain modifiers
- Differentiated projectile and artillery settings
- Balanced unit stats thanks to the outstanding Real Combat modification by Point Blank
- Gates, walls and towers get more hitpoints with every upgrade level: higher level castles will require heavy siege equipment

- Six new AI formations for open field battles, that are all used by the AI depending on the army composition!
- Total Revision of all offensive and defensive siege formations!

- Naval engagements will result in more casualties

Campaign Settings
- Total revision of the starting conditions for all factions and settlements, so that all factions can build the faction specific basic militia units in cities, and basic infantry and cavalry in castles.
- The starting units have been changed to exactly match the starting recruitment buildings with the exception of Denmark, Scotland and Russia, as these factions start only with one settlement.
- Countless tweaks & bugfixes to vanilla configuration
- Complete new growth and economy model
- Increased corruption, religious unrest, distance to capital penalties
- Increased high tax penalties
- Increased income from trade, decreased income from taxation and farming
- Increased garrison effect on public order
- Increased govenors influence
- Higher population thresholds for updating cities and castles

- Settlement tax for the human player based on the settlement level - fast expansion should be more difficult now!
- Settlement based money script for the AI
- AI sight and command bonus

Building Tree & Recruitment
- Total revision of vanilla building tree, the previous RBT mod is no longer used!
- Balanced costs and construction times for the UAI 1t1y campaign
- Balanced bonuses and effects
- Revised the requirements for the availability of certain buildings and improvements
- Era based availability of high and late era units
- Revised manpower and refreshment parameter to ensure high-quality AI army composition throughout the whole campaign

Character Names Project
- This excellent modification fixes the fantasy names from the vanilla game, and adds a huge variety of historically used names for all factions!

King's Banner
- New banners, textures and symbols from the King's Banner Mod enhance the Ultimate AI visually.

Loading Screens
- 23 new high-quality loading screens with original medieval motives


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Jaufree. Dein Crack ist schlecht. Versuch nen neuen.
Jaufree schrieb am
Ich habe das Problem, dass die Mod in der zweiten Runde nach dem Start bei den Franzosen stehen bleibt und sie ihren ZUg nie beenden. Kennt da jemand eine Lösung? Ich spiele mit Spanien, wenn das eine Bedeutung haben sollte.
J Star schrieb am
Es sprechen mehr Leute English als arabisch :roll:
Ist eine Umsetzung für das Addon Kingdoms geplant?
menoll schrieb am
super mod, ??? wenn noch die beschreibung dazu auf arabisch wäre. als ob jeder englisch kann.
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Hat sich erledigt, hab's selber rausgefunden.
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