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Kostenlose Vollversion des Open-Source-Projektes Warzone 2100 2.3.6 (GNU General Public License - GPL)

Nachdem die Pumpkin Studios, die eigentlichen Entwickler von Warzone 2100 ihre Pforten schließen mussten, konnte Publisher Eidos überredet werden, den Source Code des Spiels aus dem Jahre 1999 zu veröffentlichen. Und vom "Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project" stammt diese kostenlose Vollversion (Screenshots; offizielle Website).

This version offers:

  • A fix for the crash that happens when a 7th player joins a game.
  • Several other fixes for several other crashes.

Warzone 2100 is a real-time strategy game, developed by Pumpkin Studios and published by Eidos-Interactive. Although comparable to Earth2150 in many significant aspects, it does contain some that are unique. These include various radar technologies, a greater focus on artillery and counter-battery technologies, as well as a different vehicle design method. It was released in 1999 for PC and Playstation.

The Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project aims to continue the vision of Pumpkin studios started in 1999 with the game Warzone 2100, which was closed source until Dec 6, 2004 when it was let out the doors for the first time to the public under the GNU General Public License (GPL), by its copyright holders Eidos-Interactive. (minus the FMVs)

Version 2.3.6
Fix: Prevent memory corruption in the scripting code
Fix: Don't crash in the unit design screen when using unicode strings
Fix: Don't ignore armor
Fix: Do not activate a radar detector before it has been completely built
Fix: Clear a droid's order queue when it gets new orders
Fix: Make rearming pads actually repair units
Fix: Projectiles going through terrain due to bad terrain height calculations, terrain shading
Fix: Prevent possible crash with multi-turret units

Fix: Make power generator output in multiplayer not depend on the game difficulty setting
Fix: Make sure not to give too many trucks to another player
Fix: Don't crash when players click the "ready" button too often

NTW mod
Fix: Graphics (#1748, e0ced0e4fb)

New: Turkish
Updated: French, Polish, Romanian, Spanish
Updated: Italian
Updated: German
Updated: Korean
Updated: Polish

Patch 2.2.1

* General:
   * Change: No longer require space between rearm pads, allow dragging pad production with mouse, and droids may drive over inactive rearm pads (r7701, ticket:569)
   * Fix: Various crashes related to failing orders (r7699)
   * Fix: Show translations for finished research display (r7730)
   * Change: Add more information to the crash dump file (r7740, 7745)
   * Fix: Mac users can read in .wz files (r7754)
   * Fix: Experience speed adjustment happens after max speed limit; fix bug with speed calculation. (r7761)
   * Fix: Numerous issues with NTW mod (r7676-7677, r7713-7716)
   * Fix: fix to *never* control the transport in SP games. (really this time!) (r7776, ticket:568)
   * Change: Allow droids to grab artifacts and oil drums from up to 1 tile away  (r7779)
   * Change: Bump up MAX_RESEARCH to 500 from 450. (r7774, ticket:599)
   * Fix: Make sure we take xOffset into account, we don't always start at 0 for the FMV text. (r7780, ticket:625)
   * Change: When host drops from the lobby, abort the game. (r7787 ticket:583)
   * Fix: Make sure either parameter isn't below the minimum screen res. that we support. (r7786)
   * Fix: Make sure we take xOffset into account, we don't always start at 0 for the FMV text. (r7780, ticket:625)
   * Fix: Clear the keyboard/mouse input on lost focus correctly. (r7797, ticket:515)
* AI:
   * Fix: Resolve AI droid traffic jams by clearing orders and make jammed droids stop going for repair (r7700, ticket:597)
* Campaign:
   * Fix: Flashing box around mission timer was too small, resulting in a graphics glitch. (r7672, ticket:596)
* Translations:
   * Fix: Italian and Slovakian translations updated (r7769, ticket:621, r7772, ticket:615)
* Build system:
   * Fix: Various build system issues (r7669, r7664, r7663, r7661, r7655, r7642, r7640)
* Graphics:
   * Fix: No more ugly texture seams (r7718, r7724, r7757)

Patch 2.2.1
"Fix: Tells user if mod entered on the command line / shorcut is enabled, or is invalid. Output is to stdout or stderr. (r7586)
"Fix: Launching the game from installer now works (r7568 ticket:#364)
"Fix: Angel missile no longer obsoletes long-range artillery, Ripple Rockets no longer autoupgrades to Archie, and Mortar Fast Loader requires Mortar Rapid Loader Mk3 (r7559, tickets:#533, #292, #398)
"New: Add a new translation: zh_TW.po by chtsau (r7561, ticket:#239)
"Change: Allow up to 36 savegame 'slots' (r7535)
"Change: add 'mod/music' directory to be use for custom music. (r7557)
"Fix: set the volume of the FMV based on the user's preferences (r7489, ticket:#526)
"Fix: Check if the unit has weapons, before trying to see what weapons they have. (r7488, ticket:#523)
"Change: remove 'autoload' handling. (r7474)
"Fix: Fix windows crash dump output (r7473)
"Fix: Fix handling of limbo & expand missions (r7454)
"Change: Let players save games with Num-Enter as well as Return - should make it easier on international keyboards (r7412)
"Change: translation of ru.po by Maxim (r7444, ticket:#347)
"Fix: We now return the truncated string, instead of returning NULL if the string is too long. (r7426, ticket:#493)
"Fix: pl.po file by Makary (r7423, ticket:#241)
"New: Slovenian translation sl.po file by ThomasCarstein (r7422, ticket:#392)
"Fix: pt_BR.po update by Tucalipe (r7421m ticket:#350)
"Fix: Clear out old effects (prevents burning lasting between missions) (r7416)
"Fix: Don't allow the transporter to be controlled in SP games. (r7414)
"Fix: Remember player number and tech level for map selection screen (r7400)

"Fix: Make AI ignore hostile structures for path-finding when armed. (r7579)
"Fix: Allow Fog mode to be set based on user preferences for campaign games. (r7597, ticket:#561)
"Fix: Don't allow 2x the experience points in a campaign game, when this is reserved for MP games. (r7598, ticket:#562)

"Fix: Fix issue with radar / mini-map. (r7458, ticket:#333)
"Fix: Fix issue with radar / mini-map drawing objects outside its scope. (r7441)
"Change: Better map previews (patch by Florian Schanda, color scheme by Zarel). (r7434)

"Change: Increase timeout delay to 2500ms for dial-up modem users. (r7556, ticket:#543)

3D realtime strategy on a future Earth.

Upon entering the game you land from your transport and establish your base. Here you conduct research, design and manufacture vehicles, build new structures and prepare your plans of global conquest. If the game goes badly you'll end up fighting last ditch battles here to defend your base from enemy attacks.

Combat is frenetic, with extensive graphical effects and buildings giving rise to flying shrapnel and boulders. Within the game are many different structures and vehicles. From an initial Command Center, you then go on to build Resource Extractors to provide fuel for Power Generators, which in turn supply energy to Factories, Research Facilities and weapons emplacements to protect your base. Features:

- 400+ Technologies to research
- 2,000+ different units to design
- 3 Large campaign maps to conquer
- 24 Fast play mission maps for extra action
- Intelligence Display sets objectives dynamically
- Interactive message system
- Fast Play Interface graphically Based
- Quick Screen Navigation
- Fast Find System for units & structures
- Set Factories to constant production
- Automatically send each factory's units to where you want them
- The Warzone 2100 Ressurrection Project aims to continue the vision of Pumpkin studios started in 1999 with the game - Warzone 2100, Which was closed source until Dec 6, 2004 when it was let out the doors for the first time under a GPL license.

2007-12-01: Version 2.0.8
 * General:
   * New: Possibility to use the zero-key ('0') to assign groups to as well (patch #828)
   * New: Repeat keypresses if the key is hold long enough (e.g. one press of 'A' becomes 'AAAAAAAAAA' if just held long enough)
   * Change: In the "Join Game" menu you can now choose between "IP" (same as the old "Internet" option) and "Lobby" (directly proceed to the Lobbyserver)
   * Change: Slightly faster terrain rendering (+ 5-10%) (patch #830, patch #833)
   * Change: Protocol-selection removed from "Host Game", since the only option was "Internet"
   * Fix: Remove invalid references to software renderer textures (caused crashes between campaign 1-2 and 2-3) (bug #9497)
   * Fix: Improve POSIX exception handler reliability (GDB could have had trouble locating the executable)
   * Fix: Workaround a bug in OpenAL SI 0.0.8 GNU/Linux, which could lead to a crash
   * Fix: Dead objects could be targeted when structures used commanders and counterbatteries for targeting
   * Fix: Crash upon receiving invalid sound ID numbers (out of bounds array access) (bug #9694)
   * Fix: Prevent divide by zero errors caused by ordering a VTOL to attack a droid at the same X & Y coordinates (bug #9704)
   * Fix: Make progress bar white again
   * Fix: Workaround mysterious crash when updating beacons (bug #9455)
   * Fix: Textures where not properly reloaded when finishing a campaign and continueing with the next (bug #9923)
   * Fix: Reduce the dark borders around the terrain tiles (patch #845)
   * Fix: Slight visual improvement: Reduced flickering of ground and water tiles (patch #841)
   * Fix: Crash when loading sounds without filenames (patch #855, bugs #9927 and #10142)
   * Fix: Crash on game exit (bug #9927)
   * Fix: Don't add/remove droids to/from groups upon selecting/deselecting them (patch #829)
   * Fix: Crash where rearming VTOL would try to set a dead target (r2651)

2007-06-22: Version 2.0.7
 * General:
   * New: Screenshots are now saved as PNGs for better quality
   * Fix: AutoPackage (Linux Installer) should be easier to install now and also work on non Athlon CPUs. It doesn't support playback of MP3s anymore, though.
   * Fix: It was possible to disable the computer in singleplayer games
   * Fix: Crashes caused by not-loaded file when sound is disabled
   * Fix: Crashes after the mission briefing
   * Fix: Crash related to the satelite uplink
   * Fix: A potential buffer overflow when using longer file names than expected to set the background music
 * Settings:
   * New: Masterserver name and IP, as well as the gameserver port is now configurable
   * New: Configurable framerate limit
   * New: Possibility to always allow debugmode
   * Change: Warzone will now run in fullscreen by default (current configurations won't be affected)

2007-03-31: Version 2.0.6
 * General:
   * New: New exceptionhandler allows better bugreports by saving memory dumps (On Windows and Linux)
   * Fix: Windows 98 is supported again
   * Fix: Saving of config should work correctly for all settings again
   * Fix: Missing transport in Campaign 2 Mission 1 and Campaign 3 Mission 1 arrives again
   * Fix: Various crashes
 * Graphics:
   * New: Skybox
   * New: Translucent selection-box from version 1.x restored
   * Fix: Better fog
   * Fix: Wrongly displayed tileset in Campaign 2 Mission 1 and Campaign 3 Mission 1 properly fixed
   * Fix: Camera now properly displayed on radar
   * Fix: Gamma control support improved
   * Fix: Colors on Mac corrected
 * Sound:
   * Fix: No more invalid OpenAL errors
   * Fix: Properly startup without sound
 * Cutscenes (still text only):
   * Change: Make texts more easily readable
   * Change: Proceed faster so it does not look as if Warzone hangs
   * Change: Exit by pressing left mouse button
 * Commandline options:
   * Fix: --resolution works as expected now
 * Build system:
   * New: Docs can now be installed in Autotools builds
   * New: You can now control the installation dir for the icon and .desktop file by passing --icondir and --applicationdir to configure
   * New: MSVC project file now supports automated building of lexers/parsers
   * Change: Generation of lexers/parsers changed
   * Change: Data is now build by default
   * Change: Automated building of NSIS installer is now supported on Linux and Windows
             (You will have to set --with-makensis --with-installer-libdir and --with-installer-version)
   * Fix: Autotool build: Cleaning and uninstallation has been fixed (and generally Automake's features are used better)

2006-09-07: Version 2.0.5
 * General:
   * New: Added beacons for skirmish and multiplayer, can be placed on map and radar, default key combination: Alt+H
   * New: Allied players send vision to each other automatically (only once)
   * New: Non-Mac versions can now load Mac-created savegames and the other way round
   * New: Ctrl+MouseWheel makes game speed up or slow down
   * New: MouseWheel over radar makes radar zoom in/out
   * New: Basic map editing in debug mode. 'w' and 'a' raise and lower terrain, 'k' flips tiles
   * Fix: Nasty crashes related to (not) playing videos are fixed
   * Fix: License clarification
 * Sound:
   * Fix: Playlists with DOS line endings should work now
 * Graphics:
   * Fix: Improve shadow performance and fix OpenGL specs violation
   * Fix: Framerate counting gives correct results now
 * Commandline options:
   * New: --noshadows: switches off shadows for better performance (--shadows enables them again)
   * New: --nosound: switches off sound (--sound enables it again)
   * Change: --viewport becomes --resolution
 * Build system:
   * New: MinGW32 crosscompilation support
   * Change: src/version.* not used anymore. In MSVC define VERSION=\"...\" in preprocessor settings instead
   * Change: Raw Makefile improvements for WIN32: Now adding an icon ressource
   * Change: Install desktop icons via "make install"

2006-08-25: Version 2.0.4
 * General:
   * Changed namings: Project: Warzone Resurrection Project, Product: Warzone 2100, Binary: warzone2100(.exe)
   * MacOS / big endian support
   * Desktopmenu entry for Linux (AutoPackage/Debian package)
   * Different minimap modes (backported from 0.2.3)
   * Fix crash when not properly creating the write dir on Windows
   * Fix crash when using uppercase savegame names on Linux
   * Several security fixes
   * Other bug fixes
 * Sound:
   * Fixed music playlist loading and ogg music playback
 * Graphics:
   * 16bpp "supported" (basic playing possible, graphics glitches may occur, eg. missing progressbars)
 * Data:
   * Warzone uses AI from original version 1.10
   * AI reacts faster and builds stronger and more high-tech things
   * Fixed a bug which prevented the AI from creating oil derricks
   * Data is now stored in "Documents and Settings\Username\My Documents\Warzone 2.0" (in your local language) on Windows
 * Scripting:
   * Support for functions (including local variables, arguments and return values)
   * String support
   * AI can now send and recieve text messages
   * Many new predefined functions
 * Commandline options:
   * New option: --version shows current version and marks debug compiles
   * Using --long-opts instead of -short-opts now
   * -1234x456 has changed to --viewport 1234x456
 * Debugging:
   * Cheat mode access changed
   * Logfile shows revision and version
   * Script parse errors now report filename and line number
   * Warzone is now a full Windows app. Debug output goes to stdout.txt/stderr.txt
   * You can now add any number of own debugging callbacks to output to various media
     Current implementations: stderr, -debugfile and Windows debugger
     See lib/framework/debug.c, src/clparse.c and src/main.c for examples
   * Debuging now outputs the same on all compilers
 * Build system:
   * Makefile.raw system improved. Works without sh/MSys now.
   * AutoMake build now requires version 1.8

2006-07-01: Version 2.0.3
 * General:
   * New logo
   * Menu improvements
   * Master server support
   * Made scenario briefings visible
   * Fixed bugs which could prevent the transport from arriving
   * Fixed file loading/saving on Windows
   * Fixed nearly all memleaks
   * Various crashfixes
   * Code improvements/simplifications and commonalization
   * Pressing TAB pastes clipboard in host address dialogue (join network game)
   * Pressing ALT+S toggles shadows
   * Framerate limited to a sane amount (60 currently)
 * Graphics:
   * PNG support (converted all PCX files and removed support for them)
   * Support for JPEG files in .wz packages
   * Maximum polygons and vertices in pie files increased to 512
   * Fixes for the shadows
 * Sound:
   * Fixed sound system shutdown
   * Warzone starts with busy audio device
  (eg while playing music from another program)
 * Commandline options:
  * -help added
  * -datadir <path> for userdefined data locations
  * -mod <mod> to enable global mod (in mods/global)
  * -mp_mod <mod> to enable multiplay only mod (in mods/multiplay)
  * -ca_mod <mod> to enable campaign only mod (in mods/campaign)
 * Data:
   * Support for mods:
  * Starting an original map in multiplay mode will load campaign mods only
  * Starting a map from patches (original maps in T2+3 and all other maps)
    will load multiplay mods as expected
   * Improved search for data and allow running from src/ directory
    dir/maps > dir/mods > dir/mp/ > dir/ > dir/mp.wz > dir/warzone.wz
    -datadir > User's home (maps/mods only) > SVN data (plain only) > AutoPackage > Program dir > DEFAULT_DATADIR
   * Write directory (where config, savegames and screenshots are saved)
  is USERDIR\warzone-2.0 on Windows and HOME/.warzone-2.0 on Linux
   * All file handling is now case insensitive
   * Merge of all 01,02,0x patches into mp/ directory
   * Patches (mp.wz) and original data (warzone.wz) are split when installed
  (Fixes problems with T2+3 maps)
 * Build system:
   * make (un)install support
   * make DESTDIR="..." support
   * Flex and Bison are used to generate parsers
   * AutoPackage support (http://autopackage.org/)
   * G++ support
   * MSVC support

2005-10-20: Version 0.2.3
 * Added hack to disable shadows.
 * Added fps meter.
 * Added map preview
 * ctrl-tab objects-only radar view
 * shift-tab ally-enemy radar view
 * make wz remember last used ip for 'enter ip' dialog box
 * allies must be visible in multiplayer/skirmish
 * fixed double/empty multiplayer msgs
 * added routine to process console commands (they start with '/' right now)
 * won't send empty lines in lobby and in-game chats anymore
 * player's own messages are not doubled during multiplayer games anymore
 * Fixed Color issues thanks to input from Troman. :)
 * This release fixes more .wz stuff (map loading),
   you need a maps directory now for this to work.
   This is located on the root directory, along with the music directory.

2005-07-28: Version 0.2.2
 * More Compiler warning fixes.
 * Fixed a few assert-related problems.
 * Lots of lex/yacc related fixes.
 * Fixed a crash with missing videos
 * Fixed a wrong function definition / call in multiint.c.
 * Fixed crash with international characters.
 * Fixed memory release crash.
 * Removed the last traces of stubs.c in both ivis directories (and thus fixed building the software renderer with automake).
 * Check that video mode can actually be set.
 * Changed the static makefiles to build the OpenGL version by default. Use GFX=software for the software renderer.
 * It is now possible to compile the game with g++ using the -fpermissive compiler flag.

2005-07-16: Version 0.2.1
 * .net bug fixes.
 * Music sample rate fix.
 * New: Shuffle mode for playlists.
 * Fixed tile-related crash.
 * Removed useless culling code.
 * Moved MatScale function into the ivis lib.
 * Configure fix: OpenAL is required, not optional.
 * More code cleanup.
 * gcc4 fixes (thanks to Matze Braun).
 * Fixed problem with power plant effect.
 * Now use rand() for shuffle mode in playlist on all platforms.
 * Fixed sound-related crash on exit.
 * Fixed crash when saving without any available sound device.
 * Fixed a division by zero.
 * Made the banner ad only display on pause, since having it on all the time is
   really annoying.
 * --enable-debug removed from configuration options for the time being.
 * Changed playlist syntax. Replaced '[track1]' and '[track2]' with less cryptic
   '[game]' and '[menu]' tags.
 * Removed some no-more-needed verbosity during playlist parsing.
 * Reverted to wdg data file format, which re-enabled technology levels 2 and
   3, plus more maps.
 * More sample musics from Neos in order to demo the new shuffle mode.
 * Cleaned-up (kinda...) JPEG backdrops used for backgrounds in OpenGL.

2005-06-25: Version 0.2
 * Code cleanups and minor bug corrections.
 * Correction of a bug that prevented network games between Windows and Linux
   machines. Windows-only or Linux-only network games were unaffected.
 * Music support added. See README.
 * Merge of source and data tarballs.
 * Video sequences removed (they can't be used anyway).
 * "Thump-thump" of the oil-pumps toned down a bit.
 * COPYING (oops !), README, CHANGELOG and AUTHORS added to base directory.

2005-06-11: Version 0.1
 * Based on the code liberated on December 6th, 2004.
 * Proprietary technologies replaced by SDL, OpenGL and OpenAL.
 * Network implemented using SDL-net.
 * Zoom enhancements (increased range and control using the mouse wheel).


Xartsadrak schrieb am
Einen schönen guten Abend an alle Fans von Warzone2100 (und alle Freunde von Echtzeitstrategie-Spielen):
Am Montag, den 24.10.2011 haben die Entwickler die finale Version der 2.3er Serie vorgestellt. Version 2.3.9.
Das Besondere hierbei ist, das es sich sehr wahrscheinlich nicht nur um den Abschluss der 2.3er-Serie handelt, sondern um den Abschluss der 2er-Serie im Generellen.
Es wird bereits an einer 3.0-Serie, in der Testphase genannt "Master", gearbeitet. Viele in der Master-Version vorgenommene Änderungen wurden aufgrund des Aufwands schon nicht mehr in die 2.3er-Serie zurückübernommen, was ein Ende der 2er-Serie sehr wahrscheinlich macht.
Die längerfristig absehbare stabilste Version von Warzone2100 ist nun zum Herunterladen verfügbar :P
-> Der Link führt in das Forum von Warzone2100, wo der Installer heruntergeladen werden kann. Auch wenn dort alles auf englisch ist (OpenSource-Projekt halt), während der Installation lassen sich eine Reihe weiterer Sprachen auswählen, darunter auch deutsch.
Noch ein Hinweis:
Deutsche Videosequenzen werden standartmäßig nicht mit installiert, diese müssen extra heruntergeladen werden
Achtung!, siehe dafür diesen Link:
http://board.warzone2100.de/11rc3/index ... pic=1465.0
Wer in die neueste Master-Version hineinschauen möchte, der wird hier fündig werden:
Xartsadrak schrieb am
- Das Zeitlimit ist Bestandteil des Spieles und wird nicht geändert werden:
- An der Wegfindung wird gegenwärtig noch gearbeitet
- Deutsche Videosequenzen werden standartmäßig nicht mit installiert, die musst du dir hier herunterladen:
Achtung!, siehe dafür diesen Link:
http://board.warzone2100.de/11rc3/index ... pic=1465.0
Ich finde, Warzone2100 macht richtig viel Spaß und die Macher geben sich sehr viel Mühe, in ihrer Freizeit, dieses OpenSource-Projekt voranzubringen und die Bugs zu beseitigen.
UAZ-469 schrieb am
Ein altes, aber forderndes Strategiespiel. :)
Nur die Zeitlimits und die Blödheit der eigenen Truppen nerven.
Kann es außerdem sein, dass diese Vollversion verbuggt ist? Ich kann keine Videosequenzen abspielen, offensichtlich wird das Video nach Start sofort wieder abgebrochen. :(
schrieb am