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Blockball Evolution v1.51 ist ein 3D-Geschicklichkeitsspiel mit Physik-System von den Absolventen der Games Academy (Screenshots). Ziel des Spiels ist es, euren Ball durch ein 3D-Labyrinth zu steuern und möglichst schnell das Level-Ende zu erreichen (Spiel und Anleitung sind in englischer Sprache).

The new version includes:
- individual music tunes for every level
- new levels
- online highscore ranking system

Game Goal
Find your way through the 3D-Labyrinth. Use the red gravity-switches to explore all 3 dimensions of a level. Find the keys to open the forcefields of the doors. Collect diamonds for higher scores. The last collected diamond is your respawn point when you fall off. And reach the exit as fast as you can.

-Unique dynamic physics system
-Shader effects
-Easy to learn/use level editor

In "BlockBall evolution" your goal is to reach the exit with your ball as soon as possible. You can control the ball with the w, a, s, d keys. Sometimes you will have to jump over steeps to complete a level. You can jump with the space bar.

Unfortunately, "Blockball evolution" does not make it too easy for you. On certain occasions you need to roll over gravity switches. By rolling over a gravity switch you can change the direction of your gravity. By this you can roll on ground what has been a wall to you before. Gravity switches go both sides, so you can always roll backward again.

The blocks and the gravity switches create a kind of maze which you have to solve. The faster you find the exit, the more points you will get. Additionally, you will get points by collecting diamonds. Every level has a fixed amount of diamonds hidden in it. In the end you will get bonus points if you has collected all diamonds.

Diamonds also have another very useful aspect to them. If you fall off the blocks you will always respawn at the position of the last collected diamond. Sometimes it can even be faster to fall down on purpose to respawn at the last collected diamond position. Falling down has no other negative effects besides that you will loose some time.

By reaching the goal very fast you get some speed points. If you reach the level end under a certain amount of time you can earn a cup.

System Requirements
- WinXP
~ 2 GHz CPU
- 1 GByte DDR Ram
~ 700 MB HD Space
- DirectX 9.0c compatible and Pixleshader 2.0
(nVidia Geforce 6 Series or equivalent ATI Card)

Keyboard Settings
WASD or Arrow Keys = Ball-Movement (allways relative to view direction)
Mouse-Movement = Camera-Movement
Space = Jump
Left Control = Break

Mouse Settings
Mouse-Movement = Camera-Movement
Left Button = accelerate Ball in view direction
Right Button = Jump
Middle Button = Break

Four Minds
Nadim Arnaout (2D Grafik, Texturing)
Mathias Gonthek (GUI Programming)
Bastian Heinrich (Game Programming)
Lukas Jelen (3D Modeling)
Sebastian Schröter (Tool Programming)
Klaus Ullrich (Produceing, Game Design)

Special Thanks to
Roman Schmidt (Homepage)
Thilo Kreisel (Additional Moddeling)
Klaus Airnoldi (Additional Moddeling)


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The new version (V1.51) is available at
The new version includes:
- individual music tunes for every level
- new levels
- online highscore ranking system
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