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Erster Patch für die europäische Fassung von FIFA 09 (englisch, deutsch, französisch)

  • Special characters can now be entered in the Account Creation and Sign-in screens. Characters such as '-' or '_' will be accepted by the sign-in widget at the top right of the main menu.
  • A Save Replay option is now available if online games disconnect. No matter what happens, if you decide to record an online game you will be able to keep it whether the opponent quits the game or the connection drops out.
  • Adidas Live Season can now be used in Direct IP matches.
  • An online disconnect when shooting with the mouse wheel (if you configured shooting to the mouse wheel) has been fixed.
  • Minor bug fixes:
    - A minor update of some team names.
    - When playing with mouse and keyboard controls, we fixed a player indicator colour bug.
    - Missing installer images during non-primary flow (entering the CD Key window when accessed through Support directory) were fixed.
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