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Dieser Patch behebt Installationsprobleme der europäischen Version von Moto GP 08.

Capcom regrets to inform consumers who have recently purchased the PC version of MotoGP 08 that we have just identified a technical issue with the PC version of the game. This issue only happens with MotoGP 08 PC when installing the game to a custom location on a hard drive; This issue does not affect the default installation, as it only occurs when the destination location has been changed.

Do not install the game from the original MotoGP 08 DVD. Capcom advises all consumers to download an updated installer specific to their region that addresses this issue. To install the game:

- Please download the installer file below for your region
- Run setup.exe from the downloaded installer
- Follow the on-screen instructions (you will be asked to insert the original MotoGP 08 DVD).


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