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Patch 1.7 für King's Bounty The Legend (für die Nobilis-Version, auch in deutscher Sprache)

- Possible game crashes on video cards FX5xxx series are avoided.
- Life time of 'Cloud of Poison' defines a number of attacks that Cloud can produce before it vanishes.
- 'Holy Anger' ability cannot influence demons and Undead in Player's army.
- 'Dancing Axes' Talent for healing considers actual damage.
- Items that went out of control do not give Morale bonuses.
- Emerald Green Dragon got an 'Immune to Mind spells' ability.
- Now Zeroc's Wall 'Protection' parameter equals 10.
- The formula of Intellect estimation for gremlin towers as items was changed.
- Other minor corrections and improvements. 

Languages: French, English, German, Spanish, and Italian.

Alte Savegames scheinen weiterhin zu funktionieren.


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