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Erster Patch für A Vampyre Story

Der Patch behebt unter anderem kleine Animationsfehler, die auf unterschiedlichen Systemen auftreten. Außerdem wurden der Parfüm- und Stadionbug entfernt. Weitere "Fehlerchen" wurden ebenfalls gefixt.

Installation & Requirements:
- this patch can be used for all versions of the game currently available: US, UK, France, Germany & download versions
- The suggested installation path is the same as with the game. Selecting a different path will add "\A Vampyre Story\" after the selected path. Make sure to correct this, if you renamed the actual game directory.

- Less "stuck" animations. If problem still occurs, restart game.
- removed two bugs (perfume and stadium) that could prevent further playing
- Support for graphics cards without AA: if the game did not start on your system, select "Safe AA" during patch installation to set AA to 0.
- small bug fixes and tweaks

General troubleshooting:
- playing the game on systems that are below the minimum requirements, or have a lot of other programs running at the same time, might cause problems within the game. If you encounter anything unusual, make sure to restart the game after quitting any unneeded  background tasks.


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