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Demo des Arcade-Spiels Space Giraffe

This is more than just a copy of the Xbox 360 game! In the intervening time the development of the Neon engine has continued, and we now have a lovely new shader library. These new shaders have been used to create a NUXX mix of Space Giraffe which is at once much nicer-looking than the original, and alsoless intensely psychedelic (one criticism of SG 360 was that some of the effects were *too* intense; accordingly the new mix is beautiful and abstract without being quite so overwhelming).

For those who do enjoy the full-on psychedelia of the original, that is still available, because SG PC comes with two packs of 100 levels each - the NUXX smoother mix and the Acid Mix which is the levels from SG 360. We also added the capability for us to make available further level packs - which can be completely new levels rather than simply remixes - should there be sufficient interest. We could make chillout level packs, ultra-intense packs, shorter game packs (maybe 20 levels instead of 100 for those who want a shorter game), special themed packs to celebrate Christmas or L. Ron Hubbard's birthday - whatever people would like.


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