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Englische Demo zum Echtzeit-Strategiespiel Space War Commander (Screenshots)

Space War Commander is a new kind of Real Time Strategy Game we call REAL time REAL strategy (RTRS): No fastest finger competitions, instead, bring vastly superior forces to their knees with the power of your mind. No boring base building, instead, control planets to earn money, or buy and sell cargo with Freigthers. And, If that's not your style, why not hunt enemy ships for cash? (Website)

No repetitive engagements, instead, clever ploys. In one level you might rush behind the enemy to cut them off early from a valuable planet they thought was secure or send your trading fleet on a daring run through occupied space.

Play increasingly harry scenarios where you will break out of enemy traps, fight multiple opponents at once, and learn the real reasons for this desperate conflict.

* Defeat pirates, mercenaries, and regulars with your hand-picked force of Assassin ships, Scavengers and more.
* Conquest Mode: 30 challenging galaxies, 7 different races, and an original, thought-provoking story.
* Gauntlet Mode - Money carries over between maps, 8 types of gauntlets, and an infinite variety of galaxies.
* You can play Space War Commander for years but finish an average game in less than 15 minutes!
* Run blockades, command surprise attacks, disrupt enemy plans, play one faction against another, and crush your foes with an uncountable number of your own creative strategies


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