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Modifikation Project Reality 0.85 (Core / Kernpaket) für Battlefield 2 mit gesteigertem realistischen Anspruch (offizielle Website, Anleitung)

Hinweis: Für Project Reality 0.85 ist das Kernpaket und das Levelpaket erforderlich, wobei die Installationsreihenfolge egal ist.

General Gameplay
- Updated Weapon Deviation for all weapons, hand held and stationary/mounted, has been completely overhauled to be more realistic. This includes the speed and techniques used for reloading, sighting in and deploying the weapons. Weapons are more accurate but still retain great advantages for firing in a stationary position.
- Updated limited kit request system - kits can now be requested from Faction-Specific Supply Crates and friendly APCs. Kit request removed from Forward Outposts and Rallypoints
- Added new logistics system, with 2 man trucks supplying crates that are necessary to build Forward Outposts as well as request kits. These trucks also deploy repair stations for vehicle repairs.
- Added and improved new 1st person weapon animations for nearly all handheld weapons.
- Decreased kit allocation times, infantry kits now take 5 minutes to return to the request pool after disappearing from the game world.
- Increased automatic rifleman max kits on a team from 3 to 6.
- Increased soldier sprint times and distances. Soldiers can now sprint continuously for 30 seconds, taking 90 seconds to regain all stamina back.
- Decreased transition time from prone to crouch stance
- Increased wounded time to 3 minutes.
- Added new ticket penalty system for destroying vehicles (jeeps/trucks -2 tickets, transport helicopter/apc/recon -5 tickets, tank/ifv/jets/attack helicopters -10 tickets)
- Updated Vehicle repair system - vehicles can now repair and reload at the new Vehicle Depot located at the main base. Vehicles can also get repaisr from repair stations. Wrench no longer repairs vehicles.
- Removed Jeep spawning from Forward Outposts
- Updated Wrench to now remove landmines, tripflares and grenade traps.
- Updated the overheating system on HMG's, cool down timer is now much longer for all .50 caliber weapons.
- Updated Scoring system, score for a player who has 2 punished teamkills will get his score reset to 0 (retaining all negative teamwork score).
- Added new incendiary grenade, which primary role is destroying enemy deployable assets such as Forward Outposts, HMGs, AA, foxholes and razorwire, as well as unmanned trucks and jeeps.

Game Modes
Assault & Secure v3 (AAS)
- Updated maps to use the new random AAS mode (randomly selects the CPs at start of round): Battle for Qinling, Fools Road, Kozelsk, Operation Barracuda, Qwai River

Insurgency (INS)
- Updated insurgent spawn timers, wounded insurgents can now be revived by epipen
- Updated ammo cache weapon spawns, on Iraqi Insurgent maps ammo caches spawn 1 Al-Quds RPK, 1 PKM and 1 RPG-7
- Added kit request ability to ammo caches on Insurgency maps with the Taliban faction
- Added rallypoint system for Taliban faction
- Added insurgent spawn points on all unrevealed ammo caches. When an ammo cache gets revealed the spawn point is deleted after 2 minutes
- Updated Intelligence Points System. Intel does not accumulate when all 3 caches are revealed.
- Updated Civilian ROE system: civilian player is flagged for 1 minute when equipping the medic bag and epipen, during this time the BLUFOR will not receive penalty for killing civilian player
- Updated ammo cache armor, cannot be destroyed by small arms and takes many grenades to destroy now, primary way to destroy ammo cache now will be with incendiary grenade

Command and Control (CNC)
- Removed Main Base flag captures
- Added new ticket bleed system: build all 4 of your forward outposts, and destroy all 4 of the enemy forward outposts, and the enemy will start a rapid ticket bleed

Skirmish (SKM)
- Increased capture radius for most skirmish layers
- Added Supply Crates at most CP's for kit requests
- Updated many maps to include more CP's for skirmish
- Updated ticket bleed on many skirmish layers

Counter-Attack (CA)
- Removed Counter-Attack game mode from v0.85, will return in the future, bundled together with the new "Scenario" game mode

- Added Asad Khal (MEC vs UK)
- Added Fallujah West (USMC vs INS)
- Added Karbala (USA vs INS)
- Added Kozelsk (RUS vs CHE)
- Updated Korengal Valley with new areas and 3 distinctive game modes (USA vs TAL)
- Updated Operation Archer with new statics, textures and lighting (USMC vs TAL)
- Updated all maps for gameplay, ticket and vehicle adjustments

- Added Bayonets for Russian AK, Chechen AK, UK L85
- Added new Trip Flare (All factions)
- Added Artillery IED (Iraqi Insurgent)
- Added Grenade Trap (Iraqi Insurgent, Taliban)
- Added Proximity IED (Iraqi Insurgent, Taliban)
- Added Incendiary Grenades (All Conventional Factions)
- Added PF-98 Heavy Anti-tank (PLA)
- Added RPG-7 Tandem Warhead as a temporary placeholder (Russians)
- Added Al-Quds RPK (Iraqi Insurgent, Taliban)
- Added AKS-74u (Russians, Insurgents, Chechen, Taliban)
- Added AK-47/AKM (Insurgent, Taliban, Chechen Rebels)
- Added AK-74M Scoped, Ironsight and UGL (Russians)
- Added AK-74 Scoped, Ironsight, UGL (Insurgents, Taliban, Chechen Rebels)
- Added M16A4 w/ M68 (USMC)
- Added new buckshot and slugshot weapons for Insurgent class
- Updated shotgun firing and reload sounds and animations
- Updated G3A3 CQB Rear Apiture Sights (MEC)
- Updated M4/M16 series with new 3D Aimpoint (USA, USMC)
- Updated Eryx Scope (MEC)
- Updated Smoke Grenade skins
- Updated landmines, max deployable 20 with 20 minute decay timer after death
- Updated all assault rifle animations to look more "urgent", and averaged out the reload times to about 6-7 seconds
- Updated all light machine gun deviation to be more accurate but take longer to gain that accuracy
- Updated all light machine gun animations
- Updated AT mine deployment animation which is aprox. 5 seconds long
- Decreased field dressing deploy/reload time
- Decreased Assault Rifle scope zoom in time to 0.75 seconds

- Added Lynx AH-7 Transport Helicopter(British)
- Added BTR-60 APC (Russian and MEC)
- Added T-72 Tank (MEC)
- Added Gaskin Anti-Air Vehicle (MEC)
- Added Humvee Avenger Anti-Air Vehicle (USA)
- Added Logistic Trucks (All Conventional Factions)
- Added new HUD's for all Attack Helicopters
- Added new HUD's for all Russian vehicles
- Updated dirtbike with new driving mechanics and leaning ability using the mouse
- Updated Un-armed Jeeps to include more passenger seats (All Conventional Factions)
- Updated all vehicle wreck models and textures to be more realistic
- Improved and completely overhauled the BMP-3 APC weapon systems (MEC)
- Improved Huey Transport Helicopter maneuvering and flight physics (USMC)
- Fixed the HUD's for all APC passengers
- Increased explosive range of APC HE rounds (3m to 6m)
- Decreased blast radius of suicide bomb car blast

Deployable Assets
- Added new improved Razor Wire deployable
- Added new Foxhole deployable position
- Added new improved HMG deployable position
- Added new improved AA deployable position
- Updated the HMG deployable ironsights to be more helpful

Equipment and Team Assets
- Added new team specific large supply crates
- Updated the new large supply crates so that they are now team locked. Players can only rearm and request kits from your own teams crates, crates are marked with the faction flag to indicate ownership. Cannot rearm or request off enemy crates.
- Added new Vehicle Depot to all main bases for vehicle and infantry rearming, repairs and healing
- Added new deployable repair station, deployed from logistics trucks, this station slowly repairs vehicles in a 20 meter radius, each logistics truck can deploy 1 repair station

- Added new Taliban Faction for all maps based in Afghanistan
- Added new Russian Faction
- Updated Iraqi Insurgent Faction with new models and kit loadouts
- Updated Chechen Rebel Faction with new kit loadouts
- Updated All Factions to include new faces, each faction now has 4 distinct faces

- Added new class: Rifleman Specialist, spawnable infantry kit with shotgun and grapple hook
- Added incendiary grenade to all conventional army infantry kits (officer and medic included)
- Updated Combat Engineer, now a limited kit (max 2 per team) with C4 and landmines
- Updated Civilian Collaborator, now with Medic Bag and Epipen
- Removed Ghille Suit from all Snipers
- Removed Spec-Ops Kit
- Removed weapons from pilot kit
- Added GLTD to sniper kits (All conventional factions)
- Added shovel to Cell Leader kits (Iraqi Insurgent and Taliban)

Icons and Map Display
- Added new kit icons for all kits
- Added new Squad Leader Command icons: Attack, Defend, Observe, Build
- Added new icons for Command Post and Vehicle Depot
- Added all new kit icons on the kit dropbags (so kits on the ground will now have accurate kit icons)
- Removed ammo counter background
- Removed icons above nametags with "3d map" on
- Removed direction arrows on minimap soldiers
- Updated CP name coloring on the map so they are easier to read
- Updated the red screen overlay when bleeding, to tone down the blood texture a bit
- Updated many vehicle icons to have their own unique icon (TOW humvee, logistics trucks, unarmed jeeps, etc)
- Updated compass transparency and outline to be a lighter grey, but more visible
- Updated position of VOIP, heal and ammo icons to be bottom right instead of middle of screen

- Added many new weapon and vehicle sounds
- Update to the BF2 EAX audio system
- Updates and improvements to the PR Distant sound system
- Added new military-style radio filtering for the Q and T commo rose commands
- Added new loading music for some of the new maps
- Added new win/lose music for the Russians
- Added new British Commander Voices
- Added new voip activate/deactivate sounds when speaking to Commander "V".
- Added 1/2 second of silence to the start of air asset lock warnings. This means that AA missiles should be headed your way before you get the warning.
- Increased volume and distance of engines and tracks on most Jeeps, APCs, Tanks as well as civilian vehicles
- Updated coaxial reloads so they are now on the left or right channel only
- Updated APC firing sounds to be louder and more realistic
- Removed "running low on reinforcements" bf2 voices
- Fixed ZIS3 AT Cannon reload sound

- Added new muzzle flash effects
- Added new helicopter rotor wash effect
- Added many new explosion effects
- Added new bullet impact effects

Misc Changes and Bug Fixes
- Updated Main Menu screens
- Fixed a bunch of statics that were not properly drawing at long range
- Fixed training mode so it no longer appears in server browser with the list of public internet servers (must go into training tab to join these servers)
- Fixed the soldier dead bodies, they will no longer fade out / look transparent (still disappear after 3 minutes)
- Added carrier protection so AA missles can no longer destroy helicopters on the deck of the carriers.
- Added (not by choice :P ) new consequences for picking up enemy weapons. Now if you pickup an enemy kit, you will also pick up their helmet, mag pouches and gear.
- Removed dirtbike passenger ability to fire weapons (no more drive-by IEDs)
- Updated Re-allocation rules for Officer kit to allow Squad Leaders whom may have lost their kit to easily obtain a new one
- Updated Forward Outpost Logic, must be set at least 300m away from another FO.
- Updated Forward Outpost Logic, must be set at least 300m (600m on 4km maps) away from your Command Post.
- Updated Forward Outpost Logic, can be deployed by a squad leader with the Officer or Engineer kit.
- Updated Forward Outpost Logic, FO will lose their spawn point if 3+ enemies get close to it. After killing the enemy, the spawn point will reappear in a minute or two.


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Das war echt unerträglich in der letzten Version.
Ist aber insgesamt wirklich einer der besten Mods überhaupt.
Was das Teamwork angeht, kommt da so schnell wirklich nix dran.
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