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Sechster Patch für Supreme Ruler 2020 auf Version 5.5.2

Hinweis: Patch #7 (v5.5.2 -> v5.5.8) kann gleich hinterher installiert werden.

(Version 5.5.2) NOTES

Update Changes
- Attack and Defense enhancing techs fully implemented
- Fire while moving penalty better applied for AT/AA/etc classes
- Shift-Group now adds to existing selection
- Reduced delay of units firing after entering new hex
- Naval units no longer suffer 'firing delay' on entering new hex, same as air
- Some adjustments to AI valuations of diplomatic offers
- Improved Minister AI in Research Spending
- Minister Researches Techs
- AI Regions Research Techs
- Unload Missiles supported in Defense panel
- Unit Deployed/Reserves now support Multi-select list
- Close-headers added to listboxes throughout lobby and game
- Missiles panel added to unit control, can load/unload to individual platforms
- ROE Controls split between Units (immediate/selected) and Defense (Global)
- Loyalty now properly affects output from hex
- Improved AI co-ordination of attacks with allies
- AI Naval Amphibious Landings implemented
- Improved AI use of Artillery, Anti-Air etc
- Call for Air-Resupply should no longer over-respond
- Corrected bug that nuclear missiles required coal instead of uranium
- AI rulers will make peace offers; Alliance offers are more spaced out
- Fixed Defense Listbox display glitches
- Can no longer scrap/destroy a center complex while nodes exist
- Dateline/map seam bugs fixed (rubber band, path draw, jitter, etc)
- Reduced freezeup/delays on long paths with many units, especially if invalid destination
- Enter keyboard hotkey now functions to save text fields such as 'save game' and 'rename unit'
- 'nounits:' setting added to .scenario files, separate cache no longer required
- Fixed occasional Missile/Ammo capacity issue
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