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Battlefield: Pirates Alpha Test 0.11


Bug fixes/changes/additions:

-Speed on all boats lowered to varying degrees.
-Cameras on boats reworked with limits. (hopefully one or both of these will help with camera rubber-banding and make gameplay a little smoother)
-Ran Rexmans BSP tool on forts. This should reduce lag.
-Put in RedBase wall. The workboss has had a good flogging and moral has improved considerably.
-Coastal Defense Mortars now respawn Coastal Defense Mortars. That shipment of newfangled bird guns has been sent back to the manufacturer along with the head of the salesman.
-Turtle now limited to one shot regardless of anything else. You´d better make it count, cause once you fire, you are just sitting in a floating deathtrap.
-Turtle speed doubled. You might actually get somewhere...
-Turtle hitpoints reduced to 1/5th. Hint: touch anything and you are sleeping with the fishes.
-Galleon hitpoints doubled. They were going down a bit too easy.
-Fixed minimap icons. You can now tell who is who and how bad a job you are doing of defending your bases.
-Various rates of fire and respawn times tweeked. Still in progress. See if it is better.

Map news:

-Yaargh! We have found a new treasure map!


-a small map for close fighting with runabouts only.

-Team Death Match now works on both Scurvy_Cove and Low_Tide.
Still trying to figure capture the flag out.

-Tickets now go down on both maps when flags captured. You need to capture at least 3 on Low_Tide and all 4 on Scurvy_Cove

Note: Low_Tide is a very early version of the map planned, but the basic functionality is there. We just wanted to provide you with a little variety.

Have fun and go pillage a village!


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