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Patch 1.01 für die digitale Download-Version von EndWar

Key Updates:

 * Fixed performance drop that comes after playing 5-6 matches online.
 * Updated Bink library to fix random crashes on Windows XP64
 * Resolved issue of game crashing after launch when install directory contains a
dot/period in its name.
 * Fixed random crashes on Windows XP64, caused by memcpy.
 * Added FPS warning information for online games so players can see who has the
lowest FPS (connecting to a player with a lower FPS will cause you to have a lower FPS
as well).
 * 3D render optimization for multithread
 * Improved rendering performance by MSAA optimization

Other Bugs Fixed:

 * Game no longer freezes if the defeat dialog occurs while game tips are onscreen in the Prelude to War mode.
 * Airstrike icon is now properly displayed on the minimap.
 * Online filter now auto refreshes.
 * Fixed wrong items appearing in the online filter list.
 * In the Leader Board menus players no longer have to click ¡°Week¡± or ¡°Persistent¡± twice to get the pop-up window.
 * Fixed improper session info being displayed when player quits an online match and goes back to the game list
 * The game filter now resets after players exit the multiplayer mode
 * Game options are now only enabled for hosts in the game lobby.
 * Sorting games by map in Skirmish game list now works properly.
 * The game no longer signs into online account automatically using previous used accounts if players
switch to the Internet tab in the LAN Game list.
 * Clients can no longer change game options in skirmish lobbies.
 * Game no longer crashes when unplugging network cable after a victory.
 * Game no longer crashes when unplugging network cable while in skirmish game list.
 * Fixed ping values being incorrectly displayed in the online game list.
 * Players will no longer see names of other players who are not actually in the same lobby.
 * The "Voice Receive Volume" now saves automatically without pressing the "apply" button.
  * Changes to resolution now save properly when players change both the resolution and an item from the advanced options.
 * Fixed freeze after exiting from skirmish games.
 * All players no longer lose their connection if the host unplugs his cable during a game.
 * All players no longer lose their connection if one player unplugs his cable during count down.
 * Fixed random sound related crash in Windows XP64.
 * Fixed NAT traversal timeouts for certain routers.
 * Fixed water render bug on ATI cards.
 * Fixed flickering textures when your camera is close to the buildings in La Mancha.
 * Fixed flickering textures in Mission report menu under certain graphics settings.
 * Fixed water rendering bug when players alt-tab to windows under certain graphic settings.
 * Added CP cost information for fortification tooltip.
 * Fixed out of sync AI.
 * The offsite support icon no longer freezes on screen when the player uses offsite support.
 * Random crashes fixed.
 * Other online disconnection bugs fixed.
 * Hang time when playing matches on certain graphics hardware has been eliminated. 


 * Added exit button for BHQ, so players can use quit BHQ without using keyboard.
 * Add icon indicator for Force Recon support power.
 * Better sound memory allocation method used to improve performance.
 * AMBX effect improvements.
 * Fine tuned the LOD value for high-end PCs.


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