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Demo zum Sidescroller-Arcadespiel Emotigeddon (Screenshots)

Electopia is a digital world. Its inhabitants are the emoticons used by people in instant messenging conversations. Recently, people have started using too many unhappy smiley faces, and the unhappy faces have grown strong. The unhappy faces have begun taking over the happy faces, and sadness and anger have spread throughout Electopia.

You play the leader of the Happy rebellion, and your mission is to restore balance by fighting the unhappy faces. With powerful weaponary at your disposal, you must restore the balance.

The action is fast and adrenal. If you like fast arcade style games, then give this a try.

System Requirements
* 2GHz Processor
* 512MB RAM
* Windows XP or Windows Vista
* NVidia or ATI graphics card with OpenGL support and 128 MB RAM
* 40 MB of free hard drive space


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