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Englische Demo zum Tower Defense-Spiel Circuit Defenders (Screenshots, offizielle Website)

The demo version of Circuit Defenders has the following game play limitations.
- Only TWO Circuits to play
- No Challenge Games
- No Level Editor
- No User Levels
- No saving of high scores
- Speed increase up to 2x instead of 6x.
- You cant save your game

Circuit Defenders is a fast paced Tower Defense style game, where your challenge is to defend computer circuits from attacking virus armies that are infiltrating the circuits via the communications port. You have an assortment of defense towers at your disposal, and the ability to upgrade them as needed to ensure you can withstand the enemy onslaught.

What's new? - Version 2.1
- New Freezer tower. Shoots ice at enemies, slowing them down
- New enemy column march.. enemies now drive down left and right side of path, not all in the middle
- Flame thrower no longer does damage to enemies, but instead, if enough flame hits an enemy, it catches on fire and will continue to burn reducing its health even after it is way past the flame throwers
- Towers flash a red ring when low on health to make it easier to see which need your attention
- New Mega Truck enemy. Doesn't shoot but has massive HP. very hard to kill
- New challenge game types (limited towers, limited money, limited time)
- Some towers have little firing animations, tower lasers have laser flare
- Projectile explosions now explode on point of impact, not at centre of enemy
- Added UI click sounds
- Reduced memory footprint required while game is running
- Improved health bars to make them clearer
- Performance Improvements


Finsternis5 schrieb am
ich hab ja schon öfters "tower def" spiele gezockt, aber die waren schöner , einfacher und übersichtlicher aufgebaut als das hier : \ (und kostenlos :p).
Die schrift is einfach der blanke horror x_X und der ton is auch ...."nicht gut" :p
ne also kaufen würd ich mir das sicher net .
schade eigentlich, denn solche spiele find ich eigentlich recht nett für zwischendurch :)
schrieb am