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nVidia PhysX Performance-Patch 1.1 für Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason

Nach der Patch-Installation muss ein neues Spiel begonnen werden. Alte Speicherstände funktionieren ebenfalls nicht mehr.

Using this patch if you have a high end nVidia Graphics Card and meet or surpass the RECOMMENDED System requirements. This patch fully enables the support of nVidia PhysX technology by adding unique physical effects. The items below were added to "Video" menu section:
* Hardware physics: enables PPU support.
* PhysX efefcts: enabling of effects, realized by means of PhysX technology.

In order to produce more realistic atmosphere of deserted ship, heaps of small and average physical objects were added on each level and location:
* rubbish, splints, cans, boxes, ship rig, etc.
* parts of clothes, fabrics, mops.
* icicles, splitting into multiple shatters.

New Weapon

* New weapon available - water gun.
!!! Important! The jet of water from the water gun can be seen only on computers, equipped with nVidia cards with Physics Processing Unit.

Effects added with patch:
o Water: evidential simulation of water can be found at each game level. You can see it flowing down the walls, dropping from the pipe breaks or ceilings. Also, the water is present in some Mental Echo scenes.
o When bullet hits any metal surface, it produces thousands of realistic sparkles, that are reflected in this surface. .
o Wires can produce electric sparks, too.

Critical Fixes:
o Do Halt by script stack corruption (game crashes in scripts)
o Inability to strafe (or other keyboard settings) with outer controller enabled (wheel, gamepad)
o Shaders 4.0 are working properly on ATi cards now.
o Wires can produce electric sparks, too.

General Fixes:
o The flashlight can not be enabled while Intro is>
o The Quicksave is now available after you enter and quit 'Save' manu.
o Memory leaks
o Memory fragmentation
o Debug-variables are ignored when loading saved games
o Bubbles and steam when player enters/leaves Mental Echo
o 'Hardware physics' option is added to Video menu section
o The loading screen is now displayed properly
o The possible appearance of 'black screen' when the Hero is killed while returning from Mental Echo is removed.
o Push/pop index is optimized (possible freezes, crash on level 12)

Game fixes:
o The problem with hatch on 1st level is solved.
o FOV is optimized on 13th level.
o Fog blinking and player's death are optimized in 3rd "experience of the past" part, 1st level
o Intro movie can be skipped on 1st level
o The second Mental Echo on 2nd level is simplified
o The Omen (Man In Black) can be skipped on 5th level
o The possible Player's death when he enters/leaves Mental Echo on 6th level is fixed
o FOV is optimized (1st scene, 13th level).
o Player receives 120 life points after finishing the second Mental Echo, 13th level
o Fishes are removed from the dried up aquarium, 14th level
o The fight against Spider on 15th level is simplified (it's easier to hit the ice cracks)
o Incorrect skipping of Scene_82 on 15th level is fixed

Graphics Additions:
o Anisotropic filtering is working properly.
o Green frames in the beginning and ending of intro movies are removed.
o water visualization improved (only for video cards supporting Nvidia PhysX under Windows Vista)
o Disabling the camera motion blur fixed
o A snow skin on telescopic sight is added, when player goes outside
o HUD display is corrected (weapons, ammo, diving suit) for every resolution

o The looping of sound in some scene endings is removed.
o Characters landings volume fix.
o Sounds of falling and icicle smashing are changed
o sound volume settings are fixed
o a sound of 'collecting cold' by Spider is added


Isegrim74 schrieb am
Es wäre sehr nett, wenn Ihr auch mal den Euro-Patch anbieten würdet! Der ist ganze 186 MB gross! Ist doch sinnlos, den Amipatch hier anzubieten! Wir leben immerhin in Europa! ... :-/
jackdan2405 schrieb am
Es hat sich heute Früh ein Admin des Forums gemeldet, dass der Patch NUR für die US-Vercion (NA=North America) ist!
Für die anderen Versionen soll aber der Patch bald kommen!
jackdan2405 schrieb am
Erst lesen, dann verstehen, dann posten...!
Wenn du meinen Beitrag genau gelesen hättest und auch den Link gefolgt wärst,
hätte man lesen können, dass es nicht, ich wiederhole, nicht an Windows 7 liegt!!!
Ich habe Vista 64 bit und er läuft nicht und wie Andere auf der Seite schon berichtet haben, geht er auch bei anderen Systemen nicht!
Aber mit den Betas an sich, gebe ich dir trotzdem Recht, nur eben nicht in dem Zusammenhang...!
schrieb am