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Patch 1.03 für Flock! mit der neuen Jahreszeit "Frühling" (sechs Levels, Hasen und Karotten)

A whole new season for Flock is now available for download on PC:  Spring!  It introduces a load of new improvements:  six all new levels, the rabbit, the carrot, and burrows.  What do all these amazing things do?  Read on to find out

Rabbits: The cutest animal yet to be Flocked, they breed like crazy!

Burrowing Tunnels: Rabbits need a home too, so we've given them some nice carrot patches to dig up... the resulting tunnel can transport any animal, multiplying the fun!

Giant Carrot: This massive, succulent vegetable will get all the animals going hunger-mad, devouring it any chance they get. Pick this bad boy up, and watch as they follow you anywhere!

New Campaign: Of course all these wonderful new features would be nothing without a few fiendish and fun levels to experience them on! 6 brand spanking new levels await to test your Flock! skills... if you get the best medals, you'll unlock all these goodies plus two special trophy objects to put into your own levels!

Level Editor tweaks: We've spent some time polishing up the Level Editor too, so if you're a fan of making your own levels to share, or if this is your first time dabbling with our tools, then you'll be sure to find it even easier than before!


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