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Patch für Pro Cycling Manager - Tour de France 2009

* Display Vuelta logo in Spanish version
* Correction to display of double events
* In multiplayer games, player's riders are now displayed in a different colour on the result pages
* Creation of groups with CTRL + 1...9
* Time differences no longer displayed in time-trials
* Display of groups modified in the profile of time-trials (only displays player's riders in ITT and player's team in TTT)
* Multi-Season : Correction to display problems in the list of stages.
* Correction to erroneous favourites in TTT

* Correction to bug when reloading a save in Tour mode after a simulation
* Correction to calculation of TTT rankings on the last results page
* Corrections and additions to rankings for export files
* Team rankings : teams with 2 or less riders are removed from the ranking

* Correction of a crash when a player joins a game which has already started.
* Correction to disappearance of equipment in ladder road races
* Possibility to ignore messages from other players during a race

* Additional checks to avoid possible system crashes during a race.
* Correction to texture problems on Champs Elysées stage
* Corrections to normal maps and mapping of riders on the podium.

* Several riders updated
* Correction to the name of two stages (TDF 21 and Dauphiné 1)
* Correction to the nationality of the Columbia High Road team
* Update to the following stages of the Tour de France :TDF 2, 10, 11 and 19
* Removal of certain bonuses on the Tour de France
* Correction to Tour de France on the race calendar


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