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Modifikation Broken Crescent v2.0 für Medieval 2: Total War mit einer vollständig neuen Kampagne im mittelalterlichen Orient und Indien; Hinweise zur Installation findet ihr hier.

BC 2.0 is the second in series of Broken Crescent mod development releases, and it features many new updates resulted from months of development. The most obvious changes from the first release will be the new and realistically inspired AOR system (Area of Recruitment) with over 40 new or newly edited units by Strelac and YeluDashi, newly configured faction recruitment system for player and AI, and various graphical contribution from community artist.

In terms of game play, BC 2.0 features brand new unit balance system, and the newly adjusted diplomatic system. BC 2.0 embraces various suggestions, complaints and new ideas, by BC players and Dev team, to offer more polished and improved game play.

More about the new release and unit preview can be found in this thread: 2.0 Preview


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