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Patch 1.05 für die deutsche Version von East India Company; nicht für die Steam- oder Impulse-Fassung

- New feature: It's now possible to speed up the timescale in naval battles
- New feature: Trade items can now be sorted by Port name, Trade area, Item value and Item price in Trade info view
- New feature: Commander info view upgraded. Has now Profit per ton info for the Main Trade Item when fleet is on Automatic trading route as well as allows for automatic fleet repair on every port visit.
- New feature: All the ships in a fleet can now be repaired by a single button in Ports in Fleets window.
- Mission rewards now increase during the game
- Accepted missions now have sanctions if they are not completed
- Version number is now shown in Main Menu

Bug Fixes
- Ship speeds in battles have been fine-tuned
- Problems with some older graphics cards fixed
- MTI value problem when selling to other MTI ports fixed
- A crash on some year changes fixed
- A problem with savegames not loading fixed


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