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Patch 1.1c für die englische Version von Hearts of Iron III

AI Improvements
Misc AI
- The production AI will now fill up the queue with infantry or militia divisions if no other needs and have available IC + manpower.
- AI won't care about spam penalty when it comes to influencing.
- AI may now invite countries currently at war to its faction.
- Japan will no longer declare war on the USA if the usa is in the axis.
- All AI countries in factions will now influence if they can.
- AI should now be a bit smarter about how to spend DI for influencing.
- Bigger countries will no longer spam smaller for debts.
- AI countries will now only mobilise when they have less than 20% between neutrality and effective threat.
- AI will no longer join factions if a stronger neighbour is in a hostile faction.

Unit AI
- Fixed some movement correction glitches
- Rewrote how reserves are handles by the AI, and it will use garrison type units more for that.
- Improved handling of very damaged units
- HQs no longer counted as "infantry" archetype in force needs
- More focused on seizing VP provinces
- Use of expeditionary forces between AI nations outside the regular diplomatic framework
- Substantial rewrite of inter-area allocation of troops, taking into account more factors.
- Very safe pathfinding (used by the AI) will now avoid provinces under attack
- Fixed some problems with troop allocation in puppet/master areas
- Fixed a problem that prevented some fleets at sea from ever moving again
- Fixed a problem causing unit ping pong effects.

Garrison AI
- Improved initial unit selection, with more efforts at a stable garrison force, and more logical troops will be used.
- Adjusted France vs Low Countries border prios
- Fixed a problem where zero prio provinces were still being added to the garrison province list (causing odd garrisoning of borders with friends)
- Rewrote a function to choose more logical troops
- Adjustments to emphasize coastal provinces
- Fixed a bug with return of garrison divisions to fronts
- Fixed a bug that might have affected front distribution a bit
- Will no longer pull divisions from lower prio provinces to garrison higher prio ones (caused a lot of shuffling when some units had to stomp partisans etc)

Front AI
- France should be more prepared on the Belgian border
- Fixed a slight distance bug
- Adjusted stance org thresholds
- Fixed a "Parkinson" bug
- Fixed a bug with attack orders sometimes being cancelled at once
- Fixed an issue with overestimation of current strength and org for both friendly and enemy units
- Will now consider army experience
- Many improvements to breaking out of pockets
- More aware of dig in factor
- Better handling of multiple fronts in the same theatre with few total divisions
- Improved some distribution code
- Will now be more intelligent about troop distribution around encircled enemy provinces
- Added a bunch of missing modifiers to odds calculations

Air AI
- Fixed a bug in Logistical Strike missions
- Fixed an issue with constantly splitting and merging MR and Interceptors
- Fixed some more issues with carrier bases being used for the wrong air types
- CAGs will now properly be used to pound enemy units when invading
- Tactical bombers will prioritize invasion targets if they are in range
- Support for flying bombs and rockets
- Added support for nukes
- Added logistical strike missions
- CAGs should no longer get mixed up with other air types
- Fixed a bug with tactical bombing targets
- Day/night and weather checks
- Paradrop AI: Fixed a bug with it forgetting its intended target
- Fixed a bug which made airunits reorganise unneccesarily too much.

Naval AI
- Optimized rebase checks
- Proper patrol missions added
- Fixed an issue with inter-theatre submarine allocation
- May now take patrolling or convoy escorting fleets for Naval intercept missions
- Adjusted naval superiority checks to make the AI less scared of naval missions
- Will no longer patrol with unescorted capital ships
- Fixed an issue with obsolete orders not being cleared correctly
- More legal move checks
- Fixed some issues with fleets getting "stuck" due to no valid path
- Fixed a problem with rebasing of submarines to their correct theatre in the absence of actual enemy targets
- Fixed an issue with damaged fleets getting stuck at sea
- Improved convoy raiding checks
- Fixed an issue with fleets in combat or retreat not correctly being recalled to base on damage

Transport AI
- Fixed a bug with one invalid route (no path) locking up all transportation
- Fixed a bug with the best embarkation port selection
- Will not be as particular about hogging transport ships if they are not needed
- Will never use mot/mech/arm to garrison islands
- Should reset the transport target of armies on detachment from a hierarchy
- Fixed a problem with "shuttle transportation" (transporting some units before the rest have reached the embarkation port)

Invasion AI
- Fixed a bug with single divisions not conquering a whole island even if it was undefended
- Player directed targets will now receive the needed divisions from the theatre main area if at all possible (not in combat etc)
- Fixed a problem with invasions not launching due to waiting for escorting fleets that had already joined
- Should now target port provinces only
- More prone to respect player set invasion beaches
- Adjusted "needed divisions" check for invasion targets
- Reduced the division needs in non-warzones to make more units available for invasions

Gamebalance Changes
- Implemented individual officer ratios per unit type.
- Units will now get starting experience depending on laws if nothing is scripted in the oob.
- Support for officer needs at naval and air units added.
- Increased practical gains for non capital ships.
- Engineers are now much faster.
- Tweaked marines, engineers and bergsjaegers combat abilities in various terrains fitting their capabilities.
- Armor, Heavy Armor and Super Heavy Armor are now worse in bad terrain.
- Planes will now always repair at midnight GMT, combat and in air won't stop them.
- Reserves no longer get an extra bonus on lesser manpower rotation.
- Reworked reserve status to be per brigade, to make it easier for the player.
- Starting manpower is now properly reduced in scenarios when wars have been ongoing for a while.
- Retreating units ignore fuelstatus for movement speed now.
- Rebasing fleets take supplies and fuels directly from capital now.
- Ships in non-friendly ports that can't move will not be sunk.

- There is now an auto pushback damage event when a province is taken by a new controller.
- Increased basic terrain penalties.
- Increased penalties from combat on weather.
- Dropped xp gain for airunits dramatically. (almost a factor of 10)
- Rewrote shatterlogic and how reserve units gets reinforced. Now shatter percentage is compared to highest strength that unit has had, and not maximum possible.
- Runway cratering is now a bit more lethal.
- Added in proper restrictions for pathfinder to not allow entry where a unit can't attack.
- Breakthroughs and Delays now impact attack delay.
- Retreat province now less likely to be a front province
- Airunits will not automatically intercept airunits at the airbase unless they have the order for it.
- Reduced damage to convoy raiders a bit, and increased damage on convoys a bit.
- Fixed some penalties for cavalry in some terrains.
- Correct default penalties for attack for terrain is now used.
- Attack delays are now reduced every hour during a battle to a minimum of one.
- Experience is now propagated up to leaders higher in a hierarchy (at a smaller fraction).

- Rewrote temperature impact on combat to be a more sliding scale.
- Recoded how lowpressurezones are scripted, so that they can be seasonal.

- Reduced prices by 50% on metal, energy & rares, and by 25% on oil.
- Fuel is now at crude oil prices.
- Units are now deployed into theatres properly if auto-deploy is on.
- Added a modifier for global resource production for a country.
- Practicals are now applied at finish properly for all building types.
- Highest threat now reduces consumer goods from mobilised troops.
- Reinforcements and repairs are now slightly faster.

- A few laws now modify the resource production negatively when IC is modified negatively.
- Revised some ministers to modifiy resource production instead of IC.
- Tweaked occupation policies to be harsher on IC.
- National Unity is now always capped between 1 and 100.
- Tweaked strategic warfare a bit to be less easy to win by just bombing another country and have a 2 to 1 supremacy.
- Strategic warfare impact is only valid at offenses to liberate own territory, not just any adjacent to it.
- A government in exile now loses most of its officers, manpower and constructions.
- Elections can now happen at any day within a month if scripted that way.

- Theories are now cheaper to research.
- Revised all naval technologies for a better balance.
- Tweaked starting techs generation to always go for cheapest.

- Surrender logics changed to surrender to the one occupying most of the country instead of the faction leader.
- When the all members of a faction is a GiE, it will surrender again to be annexed or puppeted.
- Increased intervals between alignment movement.
- Increased impact of threat & ideology on aligment.
- Decreased repulsion impact on alignment a bit.
- Target countries neutrality is now impacting how easy it is to influence them.
- Only one country in each faction can influence a target country.
- Joining or Inviting to a faction is now free from DI costs.
- Neutrality is now capped at 100%.
- Reduced impact of relations on trade, and increased chances when fighting wars together, or having friendly agreements.
- Puppets can now initiate trade with their masters
- Countries in the same faction or allied will never be considered "highest threat" for a country.

- Higher differences in intel now gives more info on the map.
- You can no longer get province details on buildings without decent intel.
- Infrastrucutre map details are now limited by intel.
- Radio is now negative on encryption instead of decryption.

- The start of the spanish civil war will no longer cause you to lose more than the set amount of troops.
- There is no longer 15 dissent at start of spanish civil war.
- Splitting troops now cap the amount of landtroops that can go over to the set amount of percent.
- The split_troops effect now splits the manpower as well.

Interface Improvements
- A diplomatic message is now only shown for a week.
- Officer needs is now shown in the build interface.
- Added tooltip to continuous checkbox for airmissions and disabled time widgets when checked
- Building effects are now relative.
- Counter values now update at every start of a day.
- Best possible law instead of next possible law is now shown in the alert.
- Changed layout in ledgerpiecharts to fit better
- Added the tooltip for soft and hard attack in the airbuilder screen.
- Improved the election interface.
- Added a message whenever a country gets annexed.
- Unit recruittime is now properly colored.
- Clarified the tooltip for neutrality when declaring war.
- Clarified names of intelligence levels.
- It is no longer possible to ask for debt allowing when a debt is already allowed.
- Invite to faction button no longer visible when target allready in faction
- Now possible to stop aligning to faction leader
- Fixed the interface for allowing and revoking debt
- It is no longer possible to open brigade details window for a unit that already have that screen up.
- If game paused by opening menu, closing it should now unpause it
- Changing options in frontend now tell you what happened only once
- Bad username or password for bonus content now tells you so
- Only one way to change messagesettings from the settings menu now
- Reworked alot of messages to eliminate all tpyos of bad spleling swedes.

Restart/Reload Issues
- Airintercept orders are no longer broken at a reload.
- Fixed a problem which caused some combats to become invalid after a reload.
- Fixed a few issues with save games not being setup properly when loaded.
- Fixed a calculation error for offier ratios at start of scenarios.
- Fixed another reason for out of synch.

- Fixed the aircombat goto button.
- Fixed a display issue for technology abilities.
- It is no longer possible to get duplicate convoys through the interface.
- Peace messages are now shown properly again.
- Fixed a glitch with attrition tooltip.
- Fixed a mismatch in toggling auto-resource and auto-supply buttons.
- Research alert now deactivates properly when under ai control.
- Fixed an issue with flickering reserve icons.
- Shift-clicks can not be used to get out attack delays.
- Reinforcement needs can no longer wrap around to negative numbers.

- Range check on move for naval units added.
- Airunits can now actually raid convoys.
- Fixed a bug with naming of serial brigades.
- Can no longer rebase to neutral bases.
- It should no longer be possible to merge invalid units (cags from different carriers etc).
- Units will no longer leave being a bomb target until they actually LEAVE a province.
- Fixed an inversion of efficiency on repairs in naval/air bases.
- Fixed a few bugs where combats couldn't be selected properly
- Convoy raiders should now be sunk properly if they are damaged for <0strength in a convoy attack.
- Illegal convoys are now tagged as inactive even when autocreation/destruction is off.
- Fixed a problem where naval sorties and intercepts would find units it had no intel on.
- Inactive leaders should no longer be assigned to units through auto-assign.
- Range checks now from base, and not current location.
- Convoys and escorts are cheaper now
- Targetfleet is now saved and loaded in navalintercept orders.
- Supply needs are now calculated properly even when a country is out of supplies.
- Returning expeditionary force no longer requests confirmation of returning party and returns unit after one month
- Nationalist rebels are now separate depending on which country they are aiming to reform.

- Alot of compability issues have been tracked down and dealt with, improving general stability for users.
- Influences now end if the target is removed.
- Fixed some issues with liberating countries.
- Puppets are represented more accurately (no embargoes between puppets and overlords etc)
- Calling allies to arms in a limited war should now cost influence as advertised
- Improved and fixed some of the events commands
- Listening stations and escorts are now properly enabled by their techs only and not randomly.
- Rocket Interceptors now get a proper counter.

Database Changes
Country/Province Setup
- The Dutch capital is now setup correctly in later scenarios.
- Changed the color of Nationlist Spain so that it can be distinguished from Republican Spain more easily
- Positioned some of the naval/air/radar bases more correctly
- Increased the number and level of forts in the later scenarios giving a much better historical setup.
- Added more suitable traits for some of the ministers

Orders of battle
- Made some adjustments to the senario setups for USA, Japan, France, GC, Germany, Italy and the UK for a more historical and
balanced setup.
- Reworked the historical setup for cags so that they are represented more accurately

Wars and Diplomacy
- British puppets (Oman, Bhutan and Yemen) are now properly joining the allies in 1939
- Rearranged the victory points in the Soviet Union to give Germany a bigger advantage
- Made some adjustments to the Sino-Japanese War
- Mongolia joins the war in 1941

- Made some changes to the tech setup to provide better balance and historical accuracy
- Replaced some of the tech pictures with better alternatives.

- Reworked some of the decisions and surrender events so that they are better balanced.


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