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Patch 1.1.0 für Scorpion

new features:
+ added hands hiding near close obstacles (wall, boxes, etc...)

- fixed - Level 2 - Enemy stucks in the air (It happens once that one of the enemies in level 2 stucks in the air and is captured there.)
- fixed - Level 10 - Ladder is displayed in a box (In level 10 there is a ladder which is displayed in a box.)
- fixed - Level 10: POI-Camera zooms wall (When the player doesn't face the first door in level 10 directly, the POI-camera may zoom the wall)
- fixed - Level 4: fall through the floor (Shortly after the big battle in the main hall, second door after this player can fell through the floor.)
- fixed music stop playing during battles
- fixed voice playing speed under slow motion
- fixed main menu volume adjustment
- fixed sound positional playing on moving objects ai
- fixed small helic behaviour
- fixed ignoring obstacles by bots graphics
- fixed blinking objects on several levels game logic
- fixed several bugs in save/load of bots
- fixed several bugs in save/load of sounds
- fixed - Part of the HUD is displayed wrong after resolution change
- fixed - German Version: minor issues regarding German
- fixed - General - Upgrade message of shockwave module has no number.


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